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How to create book app for android?

I want to build a simple book app for android that contains 100 pages of text-only content using android studio. First activity to enter , 2 buttons for navigate to next and previous page and page number indicator . Also when page indicator clicked a window pops up for enter specific page number . Which way is better for this purpose ? Database or HTML method ? Any source code or tutorial resources ?


I have done this using html method. What I did is i created html files for all the pages, then zipped...

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What pushed Uber to create UberTAXI (book taxis with the Uber App)? Why is this feature is not present in France or other countries?

In France, taxi drivers are very mad against Uber (Protesting Taxi Drivers Attack Uber Car Near Paris | TechCrunch). Having a service like UberTAXI should certainly be beneficial to both sides. Instead of this, government officials suggest crazy things...


In France, being a taxi driver is a regulated job with very high costs to enter the market. They are...

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While not by definition a "hold-my-hand-while-I-write" application, a personal favorite of...

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Can I create an App relating to a movie, book, etc? Copyright?

Ex: Neighborhood Hunger Games or Hogwarts Battle (I'm not taking up these ideas, they are just examples) Would I face legal issues regarding copyright? Do I have to pay someone a more


Yes you can, a lot of programmers do that. And you definitely would have to pay some royalty to the...

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If you are trying to create a book then an iBook might be a better idea. Depends on what you want to...

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I want to create a simple-ish DMS for a school that handles 1k+ students and need to streamline their thesis submission process. What Book is best to get started with plone setup and config and app development?

I want to use plone to provide an upload site for students and a mgmt site for the school - tagbased and full text search are a must. Displaying will be done through the I am a newbie at this kind of project size. I work alone - so any...


you can find all informations on a DMS with more than 1k people involved and with...

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How do I develop an app for my taxi company?

Hi and thank you in advance for answering my query. I own a taxi company and have recently deployed 25 iPads in the cabs of my taxi drivers. They are already using them for navigational purposes and for keeping track of rates which has helped greatly...


If you have a Mac you can sign up for a developers account ($99 for a year) and they have software you...

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French-speaking author: what would be the best strategy/app to give away a kindle book from Amazon (fr) to Facebook fans (and new fans)?

I'm a self-published French-speaking author (present on Amazon France). I've got a fan page with a little more than 1000 fans. My aim, in the pre-launch period of volume 2 of a series of mayan mysteries, is to give away volume 1 to 100 fans each week...


Great question! We have a lot of people like you who use our Social Marketing Suite Wishpond Easy Marketing...

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Is there an Android app that allows you to create your own restaurant guide? (or iPhone app if not)

I am actually looking for an app that would allow me to build an address book with all the restaurants I like, tag these restaurants for easy searching, and display them on a map


Plattr- food in restaurants - Android Apps on Google Play Plattr proves to be an amazing idea for all...

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A business trying to buy my idea or help me create an app?

I have an idea for a book app. I would like too know if anyone knows any business that would either buy my idea or help me create my app for a sum amount of money.


Is the idea unique? Is it patentable? If not, you may not get much attention in having someone buy you...

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