How To Make Your Own Primer?

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How to Make Your Own Makeup Primers - The Krazy Coupon Lady

When you’re ready to apply the primer, use a brush, your fingers, ... Also, is there a way to make your own foundation so you have an all natural primer? Reply ...

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Question about make up primer...?

i recently ran out of make up primer i dont wear make up every day. only if i am going out and today i am going to a party and i am, going to wear make up i find that after a few hours, my make up is always coming off, especially when i am drinking ...


you can use Milk of Magnesia, monistat chafing gel, aloe vera gel, clinique dramatically different gel...

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How you you make eyeliner stay on better with eyeshadow primer?

I recently bought "Urban Decay Primer Potion" and "Wet 'n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner". I'm still really bad at putting on cream liner, but I want to stick to cream/gel liners because I heard they last longer and smudge less. I put...


You should put on primer, then apply eyeliner. If you mess it up the smartest thing to do is remove...

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MAC Prep + Prime is amaaazing. Trust me! The difference in effect is so evident. Gives your look a more...

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How to make a homemade eye make up primer?

Okay so my eyelids are kind of oily. It's kinda weird, and i kind of have to blot at them throughout the day. Sometimes it removes my makeup and makes it slide off. I've tried using powder, but the oil soaks through it pretty quick. Is there any thing...


Use cornstarch! I like Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil- I put it on before any eye makeup and it keeps...

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How can i make a homemade eye primer?

hi everyone:) i want to know how i can me a homemade eye primer so my eyeshadows can stop creasing. if anyone knows a recipe on how to make one, please let me know. what items that you used to make it. thank you


use liquid concealer. I do and the shadows go on smoother and they stay all day.

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How do i make my eye shadow stay put? Ive got urban decay primer potion?

i use my urban decay primer potion & my eye shadow used 2 stay put all day, but when i kiss my bf it seems 2 rub off lol help please thanks xx


Wait... how does that work? Unless your eyes are rubbing against him.. What sadow are you using? Better...

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How to make a eyeshadow primer?

so im super cheap and i was wondering if there are any diys or home remedy things for an eyeshadow primer? thanks


There are tutorials on youtube.

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How to make lip primer?

I really want to know how to make lip primer and not have to buy a $20 lip primer! anyone know how to make a homemade lip primer?


1. Combine the wax beads and rose hip oil in a small glass bowl. 2. Microwave the bowl on high for ...

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Some of the products you will need to make the primer make up are dimethicone, glycerin, silica, mineral...

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