Can I Prevent Frequent Colds?

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How do i prevent getting colds?

This is my 4th cold this year and it's really annoying me. I've read on other questions for this to eat vegetables etc. but i do... It's not like my immune system is bad because I never catch anything else other than a lot of colds (last year I think I had about 12) My dad has told me it's because I don't get enough fresh air, could that be why or is he just pulling my leg? But I live in the middle of nowhere anyway so i'm not gonna go out just to go see some sheep or something.


Ayurveda: Colds are a kapha-vata disorder, says Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S., M.A.Sc., director of the Ayurvedic...

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Can smoking cigarettes actually HELP prevent coughs and colds?

I used to be a fairly heavy smoker, 20-40 cigarettes a day for 10 years or so. In that time I would get seasonal coughs/colds/flu about once a year which would last for a week or two. more


Stop it's not good for you

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Can you take antibiotics once a day to prevent colds and bacterial infectins like Cocycline?

My friend takes antibiotics once a day to prevent infections. I thought there could be complications from taking this pill every day like its an aspirin(lol)


Colds are viral. Antibiotics neither prevent nor cure viral infections. Depending on the person, the...

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What can I do to prevent colds?

I get about three per year, and they tend to last for about a week each. This seems a lot more than most people, and I have just recovered from my annual Autumn term cold. This really gets to me. I eat healthily, rarely less than 6 servings of fruit...


There are no known cures for colds and flu, so cold and flu prevention should be your goal. A proactive...

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Do antibodtics prevent catching colds or prevent spreading them to others?

I am currently almost over a cold I had, and am taking an antibodtic to help fight it off. I've heard some people say that antibodtics (pills) help prevent your current cold from more


No. Antibiotics are strictly for infections. The common cold is an virus. However, if your doctor prescribes...

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Does having a clean house help prevent colds?

I know that a good diet, regular exercise and getting enough sleep are really important for a strong immune system. I have been told that if you vacuum regularly and keep your house clean, as well as wash your hands regularly then you will really help...


Those things can help but since " colds" are caused by viruses mostly transmitted in the air...

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My family takes garlic supplements to prevent colds and flu. Is there a way to give garlic to my 1 year old?

I'm really not asking for your opinion on whether garlic works or not. Only my 1 year old has had colds/flu this entire winter. I would like to know if anyone knows a way to give a toddler garlic supplements.


Depending on your child's digestive system, you can mix a tiny amount of garlic juice into his food...

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How do you prevent colds/flu?

Besides drinking fluids and keeping warm, how can you prevent everyday illnesses? Does it have to do with having a better immune system?


Getting sick has everything to do with your immune system. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do...

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How to prevent crusty lip after colds?

After i get a cold my upper life becomes quite dry and crusty and i would like to know what is causing this and how i could prevent this from happening (i caught a cold today).


chapstick maybe

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No, the flu shot will only be effective to provide immunity to the specific flu viruses in the vaccine...

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