How can I get a career in programming?

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How Do I Get into Programming as a Career? - Tech

Want to become a career programmer, freelance programmer or just learn how to program for recreational purposes? Start your new career here!

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How can I get into a programming career without qualifications?

Before anything I just want to make sure you guys understand that I know I cannot just drop into the industry. I cannot complete college due to some personal matters and I would more


hello i am working on a game and i have a couple other people on board. if you dicide to help it could...

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Is game programming a good career to get into?

I want to become a game programmer. I am going to take a 3 year game programming course at Humber college and get a advanced diploma in game programming. Is it hard to get into the more


Yes, I"m in that industry too but ultimately it depends on whether you like it or not.

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Is programming still a good career as you get older?

How strong is bias against hiring older programmers?  I've read that programmers tend to leave the field as they grow older; why does this happen, and what occupations do they tend to move in to?  How hard is it, really, to keep up with new technology...


I am not sure there is really a bias against older programmers, any...

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I've spent years conducting education ROI research and there is no better educational ROI that I am...

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You should major in video game design and programming.

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Some of the best testers I've known did not graduate in Computer Science, or have a lot of programming...

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Strong HTML and CSS skills are a must. If you want to do front-end development learn Javascript and...

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Could I get a career in computer programming with these grades?

I'm a junior in high school and I'm a little worried about my grades. Freshman year I had As and Bs. Sophomore year I had As Bs and one or two Cs here and there. This year more


My boyfriend is doing computer engineering and he didn't even know he was graduating high school until...

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