How can I get a picture from my HDMI cable?

Let’s learn how can I get a picture from my HDMI cable. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can't Get PS3 to show Picture with HDMI cable. Works with games but not DIscs?

Ok so I just picked up some Belkin HDMI cables for my PS3. They work great for my games. Have improved the picture dramatically. But when I put in a BlueRay Disc the TV goes blank. I can hear the Sound but no picture. The TV says, "NO device or...


hahaha gipped on 720p cables...

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How do i get sound, if i hook up a HDMI cable straight to my projector. The picture is clear, but no sound>?

i have the infocus projector that i use for my ps3 gaming, but i just bought a HDMI cable, previously i was using the composite format and i'm just trying to upgrade, i even tried having both cables hooked up,{HDMI to PS3, and composite from PS3 to Reciever...


Make sure after you do the Video option in the ps3 settings, you do the sound options and put the composite...

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Can I use a mobile intel series express chipset family video card and get an HD picture using an HDMI cable?

I have a Dell inspiron laptop with the above mentioned video card in it. THe issue I am having is that I got an HDTV for christmas and the laptop only has a VGA output. is it possible for me, using the hardware that I already have to but an adapter and...


Yes that should be easily possible, all you need is a VGA to HDMI adapter like this one http://cgi.ebay...

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HD Cable box to HDTV Via HDMI Cable: Problem- I get Picture but No Sound?

I connected my new HD TV to the HD Cable box using a HDMI cable, after i set the tv to hdmi port 1 and the picture shows put their is NO sound !!! Please Help ME !


On your HD cable box. Go to settings, then to audio output , select HDMI instead of Dolby digital..

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Will i get sound and picture with hdmi cable?

i know my laptop does have a hdmi port but i need to know is that if i connect the hdmi cable to laptop to tv will i get sound and picture..? and which hdmi cable will i need.. i m more


Yes, it will send both audio and video signals. You need to see what kind of HDMI input your TV uses...

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Do I need an HDMI Cable to get best picture?

I have a PS3, a 32 inch hdtv, and a brand new comcast digital cable box. All three have HDMI slots. Do I need HDMI cables to get the best picture? How many would I need?


One cable for each item you want to connect to the tv. The HDMI will provide the best picture quality...

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You may not be able to get it to work through your receiver due to the HDMI HDCP copy protection feature...

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Not all channels are HD channels, most cable providers will have you purchase a separate HD pack to...

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Will i still get HD picture with hdmi audio cable or does one replace the other?

Im using turtle beaches and i want to know if i will still get 1080i picture with and HDMI audio adaptar or does one replace the other? thx


You can have your HDMI, and your turtle beach headset hooked up to the digital out or audio adapter...

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