How can I help a bruised finger?

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How Do I Treat a Bruised Finger? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

If the finger is not seriously bruised, then you can just rest and ... How Do I Treat a Bruised Finger? ... Icing the injury will help prevent some swelling and ...

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The best thing to do for a bruised and swollen finger is to take some over the counter pain meds and...

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I think i have bruised/broken my finger. Help!?

So I was playing rugby today and when I tackled a guy I really hurt my finger. It's the very top joint of my finger that is swollen. I am holding my finger sort of in a curved position towards my hand and it is reducing the pain but it is VERY sore to...


If it hurts REALLY badly go to your local doctor just for check up. If it hurts bad, ice it for about...

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Bruised and bleeding finger? Help??!!?

if ur finger is bruised and it heats up all the time should i have a day off from school because i have a doctor appointment tomorrow so should i? and i never actually gave it a more


Band Aids & Neosporin.

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How to heal my finger injury?

Yo guys, I am so stupid for this but, quite a long time ago I was playing football when I caught the ball in a wrong way and my middle finger snpped, or kinda bent in a wrong way causing it to be bruised. You ugys know right? Those occasional bruises...



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My hand is swollen and bruised badly please help!?

The back of my hand is totally bruised and swollen. My ring finger happens to be in the most pain and when I try to make a fist it won't let me no matter how hard I try. It feels like something in my hand is catching on something else and won't let me...


better checkitout to docter i think docs meet cost u more as many of developed nations persons often...

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Soft tissue damage in finger?

Nearly 2 weeks ago i was playing basketball in pe in school and when iwent to catcj the ball it hit my ring finger and pulled it back i continued playing and when it was over it was swollen and bruised this was at 3:30 but i didn't go home till about...


I used to jam my fingers in basketball every year. This sounds very similar to that. It usually takes...

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Broken Middle Finger?

I was playing Football with my wife last night. I throw it ti her and the ball hit her hard. I putted ice all night. Today is still bad. She has a lump and its swollen/bruised, she can move her finger though, it'll just hurt a little. Please help. Thank...


have it x rayed tape not too tight! with the next finger for support. while u get there.

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How long can hiv or other std's go without symptoms? please help?

**i kno this mite be kinda long, but plz take the time to read it & help me out. im really worried & upset!!! & before i go to the doctor, i want to kno a few things...*** before i begin let me just say, ive never been one to get sick that...


It sound as if your resistance to infection is low. Instead of worrying about STIs (and worry, stress...

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