How can I make my voice high in videos without speeding the video itself up?

Let’s learn how can I make my voice high in videos without speeding the video itself up. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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He changed the tempo of the voice, you can do that with a free audio editor called audacity. You can...

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What video software do you use to make screen-capture videos?

What video-creation software do people use to create Youtube videos? Specifically, the videos that do screen capture in which someone is showing a process how to create something on their computer, and includes voice. Things such as showing how to work...


I've been using this software, the most important thing is that it can solve your problem. Hope it can...

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How do I make a voice recording and put it onto a video?

I ask a lot of youtube questions but I have do I make a voice recording of me and then put it onto a nigahiga does in videos like "iPod human". Also,could I use a microphone? And what do I use to make the recordings ...


open up sound recorder on your computer to record your voice. then open windows movie maker to put it...

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How can i make my voice sound like a chipmunk for youtube videos?

i want to make a chipmunk video for youtube but i cant seem to find a program that can record my video and my voice at the same time please help


You need to get a program that will change the pitch and speed of your voice after recording.. Try looking...

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record your voice with windows movie maker and add still pics (careful of copyright laws), various text...

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Can you get famous if you make music videos and lipsync in them if its not your voice?

I am doing a music video to Alone by falling in reverse as a tribute video to thank him for saving my life I am not trying to be like him so I hope if he does see it he doesn't more


Yay <3 A domestic abuser saved your life

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In my videos how can i make my voice sound like alvin and the chipmunks?

like friend on valintines day by jklproduction on youtube and like makemebad35 they can make there voices sound like alvina dn the chipmunkshow do you dothat with a video please tell more


yyou need to have a voice synthesiser installed on your pc in order to do that. search the web to find...

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Mac - iMovie Windows - Windows Live Movie Maker (Defaulted On Ur Computer)

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What are the best Explainer Videos ever?

This might be an opinionated question. But with more discussion It can give people a great guide as to what the standard of the best Explainer Videos could look like.  I own an Explainer Video company called Kukuzoo and so I am very involved with watching...


I really like this work Concept Videos by Deepal Kilewala. She is highly Talented.

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2d Animation for Marketing Videos - What tools should I learn (Windows)?

If I was to go from zero to learning one tool/software for professional 2d video animation and editing (creating simple animation/transitions and splicing live/animated content) what should it be? Hi guys, I want to learn enough skills to make my own...


The term of art for what you what to produce is "motion graphics" and probably the leading...

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