How can I rearrange my Facebook page?

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Navigating Your Home Page | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

Navigating Your Home Page. ... Messages is where you can read and create private messages on Facebook. ... You can't rearrange or remove News Feed from your Favorites ...

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How can I rearrange user comments on my Facebook Page by likes?

Need to order comments in my facebook page by likes.


Facebook doesn't provide this, but you can use the API and your own custom tab to recreate this functionality...

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My facebook homepage is a mess how can i fix?

my bookmark section on left hand side on facebook home page is a mess, my events, applications, friends events etc is all messed up, when i click to edit, all i can do is rearrange please help


all your answer you will find here at this site

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How can I turn a Blogger RSS feed to HTML/CSS website and include the Facebook Comment plugin?

Is it possible to RSS feed a blog to an HTML/CSS website page, then using javascript to rearrange the content from the RSS feed to match the HTML/CSS and then have the Facebook Comment plugin display at the end of a post? Also, is it possible to have...


Take a look at - sounds like it does about 90% of what you're trying...

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How can I restore my clients Facebook Fan Page after a spammer took control and Facebook deleted it?

Dear Facebook, I am a singer, actor, and dancer with a long career beginning with Madonna in 1991 and including Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Cher, Rihanna, Prince, and Lady Gaga and others to the present day. (Kevin Stea, aka That Rogue Romeo, owner...


If you have copyright or trademark material on that site that is being used without your consent, you...

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Facebook: How to add an iFrame page Tab application to an Application profile page?

Hey guys, I've been trying to set up my Facebook Application Profile Page by adding an iFrame tab to it. Seeing as this is similar to the process of adding an iFrame tab to a Fan Page, I going through the same process, to no avail. In order to add an...


this page can helps you :)… complete learning iframe...

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Why did my Facebook page disappeared suddenly?

I have been working on a page about a movie for the past one year. Slowly building my fan page to more than 4 hundred thousand fans (4,30,000). I achieved this by continuously working hard and thinking creatively and posting on it 24*7. This morning...


I understand your frustration but you need to remember than whatever you create on Facebook, is Facebook...

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Any insight as to how to link an official Facebook page (vs. a community page) to your work history on your profile?

Here is an example which illustrates my question asked in more detail below: A prior company that I worked for (and that I want to appear in my work history on my Facebook profile) - Surterre Properties - is not appearing as a pull down option in the...


I just did that for my business. It didn't show up in the dropdown as well, but I entered the exact...

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Should I have a broad author page or specific book Facebook page?

I'm a self help author (Matt Peplinski) and I currently have a blog about the psychology behind ancient wisdom and new age techniques. (Yeah, I know broad and untargeted topic. I even am releasing a book in a week as soon as my proofreader proofreads...


See, if you ask me, depending upon the number of pages your book runs into, whatever it is that you...

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If a business has a Facebook profile with 1,000 friends and a Facebook Page with 32 likes, should they delete the Facebook Page? Is the Facebook Page unncessary. Will it just cause confusion?

The client's facebook profile and page has similar names but not exactly. I won't state them here to protect the client. But an example would be, the client's Facebook profile name is "South Coast Recovery" and the Facebook Page name is "...


If a business gathered 1.000 friends on it's user profile, it shouldn't be a problem collecting the...

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