How can I record video onto my memory stick with a Sony Handycam?

Let’s learn how can I record video onto my memory stick with a Sony Handycam. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can you record video on a Sony Handycam DVR-DVD108 using a memory stick duo? please answer fast.?

i have a sony handycam dvr-dvd108 and i put in my memory stick duo and it goes straight to picture mode. is it possible to record videos with it?


No. This is fast as I can. The camcorder is behaving as designed - read the manual

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Sony DCR-DVD910 DVD Handycam Internal Space Problem?

Well I just got this Sony Handycam for my birthday that is a hybrid recording camera. I don't have any DVD discs or a Pro Duo Memory Stick, and I keep consulting the operating manual but it won't help me find how to record video footage using the internal...


Are you sure the camcorder has internal memory? According to the manual you can record to either a DVD...

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How to record videos on a memory stick for the "Sony Handycam DCR-DVD108"?

I am asking if there is a way so I can put my Memory Stick and use it to record with the sony handycam with out use the disc. Since i have more of the memory sticks. If so please tell me how to set it up so it would save to the memory stick.


No the memory card is for stills and the minidvd is for video.

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On the sony hd handycam does it use a cd to record or a memory stick?

i want to get a sony hc handycam but i want to know if it records on a cd or a memory stick!! lol


The HDR-HC3 also features a professional quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens with 10x optical zoom...

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I shot a video on a Sony Handycam with a memory stick. Can I edit on Final Cut Pro?

It seems like Final Cut is based around capturing off a tape. I tried editing by importing the files into Final Cut but the audio wouldn't come and only the video portion was available. Am I doing something wrong? Or does Final Cut just not allow you...


u cant edit ur Sony video in Final Cut Pro directly, Final Cut Pro only accept a few file formats like...

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Have you tried? Since Memory Sticks work only on Sony products, my guess is it will. Call Sony's help...

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Is it possible to transfer video on my Sony Handycam hc42 directly from the tape to the Memory Stick Pro?

If not, I need some way to convert the video on the tape to digital format without using a dock (since I don't have one). Any ideas?


It can be done although it is a round about way to go. Your tape is already digital. First capture your...

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I cannot record a video on my Sony Handycam?

I cannot record a video there's this icon that flashes on the screen when I choose the video mode. I can only take pictures. The memory card is already in use. Do I need a disc to record a video? Or is it okay to record using the memory card? If it's...


As far as I can see the camera will only record video to a disk (mini-DVD) so you will need to put a...

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I have a Sony Handycam DCR-HC40 and when the memory stick is in, it drains the battery and the light flashes?

I have had this for years with NO PROBLEMS. All of a sudden, when the memory stick is in, the little red light flashes underneath the Memory Stick symbol and it drains the battery. If the stick is not in, it works fine, but I cannot use it with the stick...


Contact Sony support for repair options if needed!! See the link below>>>>>>>

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How do we move videos on a Sony HD Handycam camcorder to a memory stick?

The videos were recorded on the camera when the memory stick wasn't in, and now I put the memory stick back in. Can that work? moving the videos onto the memory stick? How?


Since you did not tell us which "Sony HD Handycam camcorder", we have no way to know. I have...

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