How can I stop a person seeing status updates on Facebook?

Let’s learn how can I stop a person seeing status updates on Facebook. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can i stop ONE person from seeing status updates on facebook?

see this is my problem my MUM recently got Facebook and every time I make status update she always comment’s on it and she it and when she calls me she starts yelling at me about what I’ve been doing or who I’ve been with I don’t want to delete her I just want to know how to stop her from reading specific status that make please help me thank you PS I have Facebook time-line don’t know if that makes a difference


When you make a status, there should be a little privacy button, press it and then you can ban certain...

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you do not have control over that - only they do

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How come certain people on Facebook are blocked from seeing my status updates or mobile uploads?

I have a few friends that have complained to me that they cannot see my status updates or if I upload a mobile picture on Facebook. I have not blocked these people. They are even my close friends, which is why it is kind of awkward. Does anyone know...


Change your privacy setting to the basic level such that it lets everyone to see your post n it'll become...

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How can I block a person from seeing my status on facebook and commenting on it?

I have a person on facebook, I don't want to delete but would still want them as a friend. How can I prevent just one person from seeing my status and commentating on it? I more


Once you put up ANY info online, the only way to stop some person from seeing it is to remove them from...

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if you Restricted it to them than No They can Not See it

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How do I stop certain status updates from apps on facebook?

How can I stop receiving updates from other people's apps such as farmville or cafeworld on my facebook? I really don't care if people got a purple cow or whatever.


hover over the annoying post, click the little arrow that appears in the top right, and select "...

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How to get facebook to stop sending my email status updates?

I just got facebook but now it is irritating to see my email account full of "so and so commented on this persons wall" and "this person updated their status" more


1. Go to 'Accounts' in the upper right hand corner of the screen 2. Choose 'Account Settings' 3. Choose...

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Facebook Settings to stop showing someones status updates?

I want to keep them as a friend but don't want to see there status updates etc appearing on when I log in.


at the bottom of the page is an edit options - you can block the updates from people using it.

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How can I stop facebook friends from seeing comments I leave on a friend's status update on THEIR wall feed?

Sometimes when I leave a comment on my friend's status update, the comment I made shows up on my grandmother's wall feed. How can I stop this with facebook permissions or what will fix this problem?


you could if click on the wall massage that says hide

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Why do I see this person's status updates on facebook when they are not my friend?

I friend requested this guy and he hasn't accepted yet.....but why do his status updates appear when I log on???


your acting like thats a bad thing its a good thing and yes it is actually a flaw that i think there...

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