How can fix Internet Explorer currently running with Add-on disabled? Anybody that can help me?

Let’s learn how can fix Internet Explorer currently running with Add-on disabled? Anybody that can help me. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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look on your tool bar should say something like tools... click on it then look to see where it...

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Windows Internet Explorer Exception: Syntax Error Anybody know how to fix this? I get it while uploading artwork.

While trying to upload artwork I get this error message. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks


Yes I just solved this myself ,all day trying to fix try this close all / click start/control panel...

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I need help fixing my computer?

I have a dell computer. The platform is a windows xp. For some reason the internet explorer 8 will not open up for me to use. I can only use it in safe mode. When I do try to access internet explorer it trys to load up but hours on hours later . My computer...


I know this is kind of a dumb answer, but I would suggest either a) Install another browser b) Uninstall...

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Hijack this Results please help!?

Okay so heres the deal. I was unable to acess anti virus websites, but i worked out that cearly i have a virus but if i use a proxy then i will be able to acess the sites and finally fix my computer so after reasearching for quite a while i decided to...


I see that you have McAfee and AVG installed and that's a BIG No'no. Uninstall one of them as they can...

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Help me get Netflix Instant Streaming Working in Internet Explorer

Netflix Instant Streaming and Internet Explorer not working. Long post inside. The Netflix Movie Viewer requires ActiveX to be enabled. Please verify in your Internet Explorer security settings that ActiveX is enabled, then reload this page to try again...


I turned on 'prompting' for all activex controls in Internet Explorer, I am prompted to allow ActiveX...

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Issues with Internet Explorer 8?!?!?!?

I have Internet Explorer 8 & Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit oberating system. 2 of our home laptops are connected to the internet (and both have experience this issue) via wireless, but our main Desktop computer is plugged directly into the DSL...


Humm, i would bet a quarter, that on wireless u can see his laptop on the wireless network and so can...

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Internet explorer has stopped working on vista (Post spyware removal)?

Recently my laptop with vista was infected by the Vista Antispyware 2010 rogue antispyware program while browsing I used Google to look up a removal method. I found this page and followed some of the instructions on it. http://deletemalware...


I have just removed this bs from my pc after trying several things that did not work. These did not...

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Internet explorer and firefox annoying popups. i cant access internet !!!!!!!!! please help?

Whenever i click on a link from my search results an ad pops up. I try to put up an add blocker and it stops the ad but i still cant get to my link! this also happens with firefox which now says "firefox is already running but is not responding...


Start your PC in safe mode with networking by hitting F8 a bunch of times when the computer is booting...

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Laptop Help????????????

i have a HP Laptop and i run windows 7 my internet explorer 9 for some weird reason, has started messing up and my java script has been turned off i try reinstalling it and restarted my laptop and everything but i don't know how to fix it also my internet...


If you prefer I.E. 9 over Chrome or Firefox, there is no help for you.

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How can i fix my internet connection on my dell laptop running xp?

ok so my internet was working excellent on my laptop. but about two weeks ago, i started to get a lot of pop-ups and some pages stopped working. so i downloaded AVG free edition to fix this. when i did the scan, it said that i have trojans and tracking...


Sounds like a rootkit virus it can hijack your browser but without any windows open it can send you...

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