How do I create a new Yahoo address name?

Let’s learn how do I create a new Yahoo address name. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I create a yahoo email address that has nothing to do with my name?

i want to get a new email address for my new magazine and everytime i try to make one it says that the id i chosen is unavailable and they give me choices that have my name in it.


You can get a free second email address from Yahoo! Go to your Mail page, then click Options on the...

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Can i create a new e-mail address on yahoo using my name (again) but choosing a different screen name?

I have a lot of spam and I just want to create a new name so that I don't receive the billion of e-mails a day.


Yes. I've created 3 using the same name but with different ID's.

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How do I create an email address in Yahoo! that doesn't tell my name? I created one with the name "Mscats101"?

I want only the name mscats to show up on my email address when I send one, NOT my real name. How can I do this?


Go to Options when you're on your email page Click Mail Options Go to Account Informations (you'll be...

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try adding another name in front of the address you already have.

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I have an Email address but wish to create a second with Yahoo so hiding details of my name.?

I need idiot proof step by step instructions bearing in mind my well sticken in years ineptitude.


Simply go to and click on mail. Then click register and you can follow the steps to set up...

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How do I CHANGE the name I used to FORM my Yahoo Email address to a NEW name WITHOUT losing MY Email Address?

This is a fairly simple Yahoo type question as in " How do I change my password?" etc. and so on... In my case it is VERY important to me because I am disabled and forming a corporation I can operate (primarily) from home and as my health conditon...


I'm not your favorite 'helper' but -short and sweet - here's how to change the name showing 'From' on...

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How to create Yahoo extra email address?

I wanna create a new email address on existing yahoo mail account. So I clicked on "Options>Accounts>Create extra email address", a new window showed. It told me that "Sorry! Threshold reached. According to our records, you've changed...


There is no way. You will have to wait a year from the first change. ʎəɿʞɹ...

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How do I create a new Yahoo! Account?

I'm trying to create a new name for my current email address. For example, my current emails is And I want to change it to Is there a way to do that? Or will I have to delete my account entirely and then make a...


You can make a new one by logging out and then making a new one but I don't think you can change your...

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Problem creating a new yahoo email address?

so im trying to create another yahoo id/ email address for business purposes. I filled in all the data on the page, my name, the user ID/email I wanted, the security question, and then when I got to the field to select the alternate Email address, i...


You can't use another Yahoo Mail as your alternate email address. You must have POP mail. If not, create...

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Yahoo Email requesting*User name: *Password: *Date of Birth:? Or email account will be deleted?

Hello Yahoo'ers, I received an email a few minutes ago from, stating the following: ATTENTION: Yahoo Mail Account: This mail is to inform all our {Yahoo Mail} users that we will be upgrading our site in a couple of days from now. So you...


Its a scam!!!...Yahoo would never ask for this info in an email. Forward the Email to Yahoo itself....

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