How do I get a job in the field I am studying for?

Let’s learn how do I get a job in the field I am studying for. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to get job in melbourne in accounting field while u are studying?

i m doing masters in accounting and financial management from la trobe uni and i am in second semester


why dont u search for job at sites such as seek and my career. Rajat am...

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Make yourself a resume and be sure to list your specialties. Make a showcase website that tells you...

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How can I get a job working in the Medical field for NASA?

I have always wanted to work for NASA. I am currently studying to be a Medical Assistant, then I am going to go on for something else in the medical field. I know NASA does a lot more than just Space exploration research, they also send Scientists to...


I believe that most (or all) of NASA job postings are on the government job website: http://www.usajobs...

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How do I get a good PhD/Master's of Science admission in the field of machine learning even though I don't have a formal degree or formal research experience in the same?

I graduated a couple of years back with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics from a top 10 university in India with an above average CGPA. I took up a pretty good job with a world-renowned MNC in the semiconductor field. But after about 3 and half years...


If you are familiar with the concepts,start implementing them, make your own codes, machine learning...

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What kind of job can I get for what I'm studying for?

I'm about to transfer over to a university as a undergrad in Miami and I'm in need of a job. I was wondering if it is most likely that I can get a job that I am studying for like I'm going to transfer to finish my degree in biological science to become...


No. You cannot get an actual job in that field until you have your degree. However, you can look into...

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Why is it supposed to be difficult to get a job in Louisiana in the Criminal Justice field?

I am studying Criminal Justice (online) and was told "good luck" by someone when I told them what I was going to college for.  He said "good luck" because, he claims, that it's hard to find a job in Louisiana (where I live) in the...


I don't know that it's supposed to be difficult to find a criminal justice-related position in Louisiana...

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How do I get a job at a TV, radio or news station?

Im interesting in pursing a job at a TV, radio or a news station. I currently have a job as a warehouse worker and Im so sick of it. In the meantime, I studying to get my CCNA (in the IT field), but I also have an big interest in the TV/radio field....


Speak to the organization and see if you get your foot in the door as anything. I know 2 friends who...

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How likely am I to a get a Job with just an A+ certification?

I am currently studying to get my A+. I'll be taking it before the end of the month. I am going start applying to as many different places I can. How likely am I to get a job with minimal experience in the IT field? Are there any other certifications...


being A+ certified is a good thing but wont really get you a job per se but if by job you meaan best...

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Is it possible to get a job with your undergrad bachelor's degree while studying in medical school?

I am a Biochemistry/ Pre-Med student and was wondering if it is possible and wise to get a job in the biochemistry field while studying full time as a Medical school student. It seems more


I personally think that you are very intellectual female. so i think you should pursue a job in the...

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How difficult is it to get into the IT field as a Computer Technician?

Hi there, I'm looking into getting into the IT field with computer repair or help desk support. What exactly would I need to get the job? Right now I'm studying for and more


You have not mentioned your educational situation and a Bachelors degree has been the minimum requirement...

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