How do I register a non profit organization in India?

Let’s learn how do I register a non profit organization in India. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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How do I register a non-profit organization in New Delhi, India?

What are steps involved and how could it comply with Section 80G of the Income Tax Act for its donors (for 100% tax deductible donation)?


U can go to sec office there u can register urself as NGO.80G FCRA and all u will get later on.first...

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Non-profit organization to help Brazilian youth, Where do I register it?

I would love to start a non-profit organization to provide computer, artistic and job skills to Brazilians aged 12-21. I live in California. Should I start the non-profit here in the USA or in Brazil? I figured it would have to be registered here since...


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I am on H1B Visa in USA, and based on my research I came to a conclusion that starting my own business in the US won't be feasible and can be risky. Can I still register a company in India/US as a non profit and volunteer for it?

I have few other friends on H1B who are interested to join. I don't want this to generate any revenue, or charge anything for our services at this point. My main concern is if I can register as a non profit or something in India, will that be against...


Please do not do anything while you are on H1B , it has draconian rules attached to it.Rolling out your...

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How to register a non profit organization in navada?

how to register a non profit organization in navada


Nevada - Contact the Secretary of State's office

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How can one set up non profit organization like Free software foundation in India?

Is starting non profit organization like Wikipedia in India is same as NGO ?


If you are looking for avenues to contribute to free software like FSF, then there are quite a good...

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What is the best state to register a non-profit (501c) organization?

I am looking to register my organization as a nonprofit -- are there any advantages or disadvantages to registering in one state versus another?


This can't tell you where to locate, per se, unless you are exclusively looking to fundraise locally...

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How do you register a performing art group as a non profit organization in Los Angeles?

I manage a Japanese dance group. We are non profit and want to promote our performance. We also like to issue a charitable receipt when we receive donation. Please advice.


You register in Sacramento, see forms on site, with the secretary of State.

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How can I check the authenticity of a NGO or a Non Profit Organization based in countries other than India?

Suppose I want to check the authenticity of a NGO in India I can do this by visiting this website- What are some the similar website in various countries?


The following list of websites might help you. 1. GuideStar ( - They have...

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There are non-profit and tax exempt non-profit organizations. It sounds like this organization fits...

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Hi. i would like to register and legal a global non-profit organization that i am starting up....?

btw, Im not located from the USA,nor Canda nor the Uk. Im from jamiaca wi but i would like to solicit those places to promote my organization.. let me know what u think and what i more


It is illegal to solicit funds in ANY US state without a license. And they only give those to properly...

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