How do I set up ATT Yahoo.mail as my home page?

Let’s learn how do I set up ATT Yahoo.mail as my home page. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I would like to set my home page as OTHER than yahoo. How do I do this?

i downloaded free internet explorer from yahoo no offense. however, i do not want yahoo to be my homepage. it's really bugging me bc I had a different home page before and now all i can do is set it as a tab


Press Tools (at the top, near File and Edit, etc) and then go down and press "Internet Options...

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How do I get security center off my home page when I never set it as my home page?

I was a pop up and ever since then when I press the explorer it comes up instead of yahoo, which is suppose to be my home page. I went to yahoo to set it as my home page again and it didn't work it still came up security center. I went to it's page and...


bud, you've got spyware!!!! i recommend a combo of utilities to catch things that the others miss go...

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Why will Yahoo not stay up after log off? I set it to home page and set it to page under tool, internet option

How do I make the yahoo home page stay. Google keeps coming up after I log back onto the computer. I have clicked on the area, do you want yahoo as your home page ect, and have clicked under tools and internet options to keep What...


Get a new browser. Download at

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I changed my yahoomail home page to classic one .but i feel little uncomfortable in using this classic page ..?

i found no option to go back to my old yahoomail page.. plz share ur valuable idea's to regain my old page....


click on the same icon and switch back

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I want the old Classic Yahoo page back and even though the classic page is set as my home page it stills sends?

it keeps sending me to the new yahoo page instead of the classic page how do i get the classic page back and KEEP IT?


Clear the browser cache of cookies and temp files, THEN RESTART the computer, if you don't restart,...

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How do i set the new beta yahoo as my home page instead of the usual yahoo page?

when you log into your yahoo account page instead of having the usual blue yahoo page, i wanted to put the new beta page in as my home. So when i log into my yahoo account it will show the AWESOME new beta page! (: thanks alot!!


You can set the Yahoo Beta webpage as your homepage using your browser. The homepage for My Yahoo is...

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How do i set my yahoo as my home page?

when you go to and sign in it goes to your "my yahoo" page. i want to set that to where when i open the internet, it goes to the home and when i sign in it goes to my "my yahoo" page. Once i'm there i should be...


At the top, select Tools, then internet options. The top things allows you to type in a home page. Just...

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I am getting yahoo for mobile phones as my home page using IE on my desktop? I have it set to regular Yahoo.?

I am using IE on a fast desktop at work, we all use Yahoo as our home page on the opening screen, but some of us started getting the yahoo home page for cell phones. we have the home page set to .


This is Yahoo's new homepage, it's not for mobile phones. They are testing this new homepage on random...

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I failed to set yahoo my home page?

(1)i opened internet option/general then typed the adress but failed (2)i opened yahoo then chosed set yahoo your hom page but failed (3) i opened yahoo and internet option and choosed the current but also failed each time when i open the explorer it...


When in Internet Options, did you remember to hit OK or Apply when you were finished?

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How do I lock my home page to be set at yahoo?

I set my home page for yahoo then I get knocked off by this webfinder page how do I lock my home page


Clear your cache first. If you use Internet explorer: Go to the page you want.

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