How do I set up a new second yahoo account for my son?

Let’s learn how do I set up a new second yahoo account for my son. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Part two: To get Yahoo! Messenger, go to and download it. If you need any...

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How can i set up a yahoo account for my son when i have no credit card?

i'm trying to set up a yahoo mailing account for my son so we can stay in touch better, but yahoo is asking for a credit card number and i don't have a credit card, what should i do?


they will only asked for your credit card number if you are vying for the premium service. If you are...

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How can my son set up a bt yahoo mail account?

i have a bt yahoo account how do other members of the family set up a mail account on it


Same way that you did, for their own individual accounts. You need to know that you cannot be signed...

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Hi. I tried to set up a free yahoo mail account for my son. I have one. Now it wants credit card info. Why?

Hi. When I filled out the form for free yahoo mail, it did not ask for credit card info. Why is it now? Is there another way to do it without giving this info out? Thanks :)


Don't give out that info. Make sure you are really on the yahoo web page.

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How do i set up an yahoo email account for my 12 year old son?

i would like him to only have access to childrens web sites


how about you grow up and realize that all he is going to do with the internet is look up porn?

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If I have an account and no credit card, how can I set up an e-mail account for my son who is a minor?

I am really frustrated with yahoo right now. not everyone has a credit card, and I wouldn't feel particularly comfortable with giving out the number even if I did. I asked my mother if we could use her credit card to set up this account, but she didn...


E-mail accounts DO NOT require a credit card! What in the world link are you using? Are you trying to...

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How do I cancel a Yahoo account?

My son apparently hacked into my account on Yahoo, as well as set up his own account under mine. How do I cancel both the account he set up as well as my own?


Accounts will close automatically if you wait. They used to close in 4 months of non use. The new policy...

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Setting up Yahoo account using Visa debit card.?

I am trying to set up a Yahoo account for my son, however Yahoo is not accepting my Visa debit account. Is yahoo not accepting my card because it is a debit card? please help.


are you sure you are on yahoo? and not some scam site? you dont need a credit card to use yahoo its...

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How do I make an account for my young son?

I am trying to make a Facebook for my son , but I need to set up an account on yahoo first & I don't know what I am doing. lol

Answer:… Go here and click the Registration link. Its very easy...

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How do I set up a second account on my PC? I want to access it both from my PC and mobile phone.?

I forgotten how I sent up my first account - it was several years ago. What link do I visit to set up a second account - and do I need to re-configure my outlook express settings? Step-by step instructions on setting up a second yahoo account...


Here are a few email providers that I think are worth having.

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