How do you download yahoo messenger on a Windows Vista computer?

Let’s learn how do you download yahoo messenger on a Windows Vista computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Yahoo Messenger

THE NEW YAHOO MESSENGER. ... Sign in to Yahoo Mail and check to see if the new Yahoo Messenger is available in your inbox. If it’s not now, it will be shortly!

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Why cant i download yahoo messenger for windows vista on my new computer?

i just bought a new computer with windows vista and it keeps saying download unsucsessful..


Windows Vista has a lot of problems with different programs. We had it on our old computer and it worked...

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Why wont my new computer with windows vista let me download yahoo messenger?

When I try to 'start' the download a window pops up stating Windows has found a problem with this file. Unknown publisher, I tried downloading it from several choices but get the same message....can anyone help me?


Vista Sucks.

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Answer:… go on this site.might help u

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My husband (in another state) is trying to download Yahoo Messenger on our new computer- Windows Vista help?

It downloads to 100%, but then it won't install... says "program not responding".... I'll be online for a while, please feel free to IM me, and I can relay directions, info....


Hi i'm sorry if this isn't much help but you might have to wait untill the one for windows Vista comes...

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Yahoo messenger voice chat?

Dear Yahoo Folks,I just install windows vista ultimate 64 and when i download yahoo messenger 8.1 my voice doesnt work it says this computer does not support the required audio compression format i was wondering do u know a program that can make my voice...


I have seen too many people on here who are using Vista and cannot enable voice chat on Yahoo Messenger...

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Im having trouble installing yahoo messenger on vista 64 bit?

i have yahoo messenger on windows xp on my other computer. this is my laptop and runs windows vista X64. it seems to download 100% but will fail when trying to install. please help. thank you


new yahoo look out left click start go to ((control panel)) left click control panel this is your control...

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Why am I unable to download Yahoo Instant Messenger 9.0 or any other version on my Windows Vista laptop?

I use Yahoo Mail Classic for my email. I did have Yahoo Instant Messenger version 8.0 until 4/1/2009. I was unable to sign in on my Yahoo Instant Messenger. After several attempts to change my password that didn't work, I contacted John at Yahoo Customer...


Mine is a question then a answer 1 did you put yourself as the administrator for your computer. 2 if...

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My wife has a Yahoo messenger account in but her computer is Windows Vista .?

In her computer, which is Windows Vista will not pull up her messenger account with her current user name and password from her old computer which is under Windows XP. What is to be done about this to allow her to use her messenger account in Windows...


Did your wife download the Vista version of Messenger, because the Windows XP version doesn't work on...

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How come me having windows vista, i cant download yahoo messenger or messenger vista?

when i download messenger 8 it goes all the way through and says install complete.....but never shows up or says i have it. when i download messenger vista, it goes all the way through to the end and says that install was unable to be completed. what...


try reinstalling it....then click your windows button in the corner, press all programs, and then it...

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