How do you make a 'pop art?

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How can I make pop art pictures?

I need to make some of my photos into pop art for my exam, and I need to do it fairly quickly, but I only have Paint Shop Pro 7 I tried this link, but its rubbish and all my photos came out awful, any ideas?


Get your pic and look at it to decide which areas contain similar colours. Then create a new layer on...

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Ideas how to make a Sharpie marker 3-feet long for my pop art project?

I have a pop art project due; now, when I say pop art project, I don't mean with the digital pictures and editing like Google tells me, but I have to actually MAKE a Sharpie marker that is 3-feet long. My art teacher tells me that I should use carpet...


My friend mad a piñata with a balloon once. So maybe you could do that? Get a animal making balloon...

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Pop art?How do you create a pop art picture(excluding computers!!!!!)And what actress do you think would make?

a good face for pop art,if you know what i mean?meaybe not!but thanks!!


Who you choose needs to epitomize the current pop climate. Brittany is one...for crappy reasons, Angelina...

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How can I make pop art using a photo?

I really like pop art and i was wondering how I could use a photo and turn it into pop art. Like an Andy Warhol sort of thing. I only have paint shop pro 8 and i barley know how to use it. Any ideas?


If you have difficulty using Paint Shop Pro 8 and don't wanna spend so much time you could use the ...

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How can you make pop art, but with different pictures?

Well if you don't know what it is, i doubt you'll know how to make it with different pictures. I know you can make it on sites like photobucket and edit pictures if you have a myspace, or even, but thats all for one picture. How can you make...


i dont know what software or site that person used to do it but u can make one like that in photoshop...

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How can I make a pop art from my pictures?

I am wanting to make a pop art, Andy Warhol type Picture. (… ) can anyone tell me how to do it? I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0, don't know if I could do it on that program. I don't even know how to...


Photoshop Elements 4,… you should be able to use PE...

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Any artists? How do i make 'pop art' pictures?

How can i make pop art pictures from images found on the internet? I think i need to use canvas and i've heard of 'painting by numbers' but how do i get the picture and numbers onto the canvas? any help would be great, cheers guy's/gals


Alex, First, find a Pop Art piece you love, and print it out. Now have it copied in color, at a size...

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How to make a pop-art?

Haw can i make a pop-art picture on my computer? I mean the one like Andy Warhole's "Merilyn"


I could tell you how, but this webpage shows you how to "Andy Warhol up" your pictures step...

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How to make a pop art greeting card?

Andy Warhol's Pop Art :) Thank you so much!!


get those pics and mess with the color balance and ect. in photoshop or gimp photoshop you must buy...

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How can i make this kind of picture? pop-art?

how can i make this kind of picture? i wanna know how to do this


adobe photoshop or can search online for tutorials

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