How many GCSE's do you need to get into university?

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How important are your GCSE grades? - Which? University

How important are your GCSE ... and Ds at A-level – which won’t be enough to get into some ... an idea of what you want to study at university, ...

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What grades do i need to get on my GCSEs to get into Cambridge University to study medicine?

For my GCSEs I'm taking: - Spanish - French - Triple science - Geography - History - IT what grades do I need to get in GCSE and what do I need to take for A more


Your GCSE's are nowhere near as important to them as your a levels but if you want to study medicine...

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Do I need a laptop for my gcses?

I qm 14 and going to do my gcses next year and i know i have to type up alot of my work eg course works and stuff. my mum and dad dont think i need one and i have a computer but my brother never gets of it so i hardly get it he has a laptop no one else...


Get an iPad or tablet instead, they are just as good for a student and have courses that you can do...

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What qualifications do i need to get into a medical university?

What qualifications do i need to get into a medical university in Los Angeles?? I'm currently living in Europe and taking all the GCSEs and A-levels!! Are the GSCEs accepted in America Los Angeles?? Please help me!


The above is correct. However, your Bachelors degree can be in any subject as long as you take the prerequisites...

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Can I get to university without my A-levels?

I'm currently doing my AS levels in school and I've just realised I've messed up BIG and I don't think I'm going to pass. I've already done some modular exams and came out with U's and my coursework is only half complete and needs to be sent off today...


Sorry, but it seems unlikely. Most universities do not accept AS Level, as it is not a full A-Level...

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I need help with choosing the right A Level subjects to be able to do architecture at a good university.THX :)?

So, I started with my AS Levels a couple of months ago...Im a private student (Homeschooling..) ... I wanna get into a good university to do Architecture with a specialization in Interior Designing... Location of the Uni is not an issue... My Subjects...


Maths and Physics, yes yes yes! I'd say to Art if you can because quite a few courses are wanting it...

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Full time gcse course :s do i really need gcses to get into uni?

I am currently doing a national diploma in health and social care, although i have no gcses above a d :s i still managed to get on to the course by chance. i do although have a first diploma in travel and tourism but only passed.. My problem is, is that...


i suggest you it will be helpful in resolving your problem.keep using

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Do you need business courses in high school to get into an undergraduate business program in a university?

my courses are a bit messed up...but im in grade 11 and i have biology, english, math, computer tech, media arts, accounting and gym. i cant change my options to business because all of them are full, but my guidance counseloor told me that in 2nd semester...


Can't speak for New York but, in Ontario, Business programs do not require you to take actual Business...

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A Minimum SAT score of 1320 or minimum ACT score of 18 required for Applicant's to the University of...

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What do i need to get into university?

I literally have no idea how to get in. Im 19 i live in the uk and my GCSES are pretty crap and i dont even have a maths GCSE, i left school at 16. Now i have really been thinking about going to do psychology but i dont know what i need to get into uni...


It is difficult to get into a 3 year university course without A-levels. But you can do a foundation...

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