How many ebay accounts can I have?

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How can I get out of the eBay system I have to many accounts linked and I want to make another and start fresh with no accounts link. Fresh?

Ok so I really hate the eBay system and how it works I think I have like 10 accounts I love eBay because of the money you can make u can sell and buy things please can you explain how more


that is not a small biz

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How many ebay accounts can i have attached to one paypal?

I just want to know how many ebay accounts i can have using only one paypal account. I know i can only have 2 paypal accounts total. I think it is 5 per paypal but im not sure does anyone know?


Yes, you can have different ebay accounts with a single paypal account. But, I haven't try it, I just...

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Ummmm, no I don't think you can unless you have 2 pay pal accounts? maybe you can, if you want a more...

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How Does PayPal and Bank Accounts work on eBay?

Hey World, I'm 15 and would like to have a bank account, I heard you have to be about 18 to open one in USA but here in the UK you can have one from birth, but you don't actually get a card or anything until your 16. The reason I want one is to sell...


I stumbled upon this great offer some few days back and it has placed me in a confident position for...

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Can multiple people use ebay accounts?

my daughter uses my ebay account sometimes to sell stuff and when i was on a bussiness trip and my daughter was using my account someone messaged her about an item i was selling and she messaged him back and said she was the daughter of the owner of...


If your daughter is under 18, she shouldn't be using your Ebay account without you supervising her anyway...

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What/how do you set up the correct accounts to sell on ebay?

Hey, im 15 and i want to sell my wii which i have no further use for. Basically i was going to sell it on my dads account but he wanted some of the profit and I don't trust him to give the money to me:') basically he thinks I don't save enough like most...


You must be 18 to open an account

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Can i use a paypal coupon code on two different ebay accounts?

i have two ebay accounts with different email addresses. now on one of my accounts, the one i use the most, i received a one time 10% off purchase price coupon. i did not receive this more


Yes you can use it.

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Can you use one credit card for 2 different purchases on 2 different ebay accounts?

because my dad told me i can't make a new account on ebay and use his credit card to make a purchase, he says i have to use his ebay account if i want to buy it


you could do this but as you do not have the credit card holders permission what you would be doing...

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Can I link two ebay seller accounts to one paypal?

I have one ebay account which I use for selling odd things and buying, but I'm planning on making a second ebay account for selling some other stuff. The second account may end up as a business account. Can I link both of these to the same paypal account...


of course you can! Link them both together on one paypal. Easiest, plus you have your money in one place...

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How to link PayPal with 2 eBay accounts?

Hi, My paypal account was limited about 5 years ago for no reason at all. My daughter has her own eBay and her own PayPal account. My eBay still has a limited PayPal account. I was more


Pretty sure you can't do that.

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