How to add icons to yahoo toolbar?

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How to add "Icons" or "Buttons" on my Yahoo Toolbar?

Hello, I am currently using a PC, and have always used a mac, and I have always had ie, or safari, but not yahoo. I want to add a "button" or "icon" for Google, as I go there so very often. Is this possible to do? If so, would someone please Clearly explain to me how it is to be done. I will want the "official" Google logo, as it is so easy to recognize in a hurry. If not that, does anyone have any suggestions.....a capital G or something? Thanks ahead of time for your...


You will either have to get the google toolbar, or you can make your own button, for yahoo toolbar....

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How do I delete the "hightlight search words", and "add bookmark" icons in my yahoo toolbar?

I can get rid of alot of the other icons I don't use but these two I can't seem to find any where. They are annoying and I just want them off of my toolbar..... Please help


Those are yahoo's buttons and cannot be removed.

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How do you add different icons to the yahoo toolbar?

for example i added ebay as a toolba button but the button only has icon choices from ebay, how do i get the ebay icon or any other icons


Beats me... But at least I answered. Now you get 3 of your points back!

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How to add or delete icons on yahoo toolbar 8.3 i have I.E7?

i want to install an icon for yahoo answers & maybe others


I have the latest version of the Yahoo Toolbar in Internet Explorer 8 but I do not think it would be...

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Is it possible to add the Yahoo toolbar to the Yahoo browser so I can create custom icons as in IE?

I used the Yahoo toolbar on IE a lot and have recently installed the Yahoo browser so that I can use their parental controls feature but now I can't figure out how to add the Yahoo toolbar to that browser. The best solution for me would be to get the...


The Yahoo! toolbar is currently supported for the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. You...

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Can I add my own icons to Yahoo Toolbar?

I have Slingo Games on my Yahoo Toolbar. When I make the button it gives me the correct icon, but when I save it, it changes to just a piece of paper. Can I add my own icon? And if so, how would I do that?


In the Yahoo Toolbar there's a pencil icon; 1. click the little arrow there and you get a list of various...

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You add apps (icons) by clicking on the green "+" on the right side of the Y! Toolbar to open...

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Right click on the toolbar and remove the check mark beside the items you don't want to appear on your...

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How do I change the url assigned to "My Button" icons on my toolbar?

Long ago I went to bookmarks and picked a few links I wanted displayed on my yahoo toolbar, to make it quick and easy to get to them. You went to bookmarks and clicked on what you wanted on your toolbar and there were even blank buttons for you to add...


Click the settings button (avatar) on the Yahoo Toolbar. Click Add/Edit buttons. On the right hand side...

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Can someone help Uninstall Yahoo toolbar? Can I send a screen shot? When answered can I delete the question?

I am not sure if the only way to ask questions is on Yahoo Answers home. How can I submit suggestions? Can I search for people by descriptions, if not do you know where I can do that? I have tried removing Yahoo toolbar by accessing Control Panel and...


I got that stupid looking toolbar also , so I went to START- CONTROL PANEL- ADD & REMOVE and unstalled...

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