How to apply filter for listview on Android?

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how to apply filter in my custom listview in android?

In my android app i want to apply the filter on the listview. Each row of the list is showing the Contact name ,the type of contact number,contact number etc. Now i want to apply the filter on the list so the when i enter the name of the person on edit text the list view must be refreshed on text change.I m using the another class to populate the list.Plz help to apply the filter on my custom list is my code. AllContactsActivity class retrieve the contact from the phone. public class...


override getFilter() and put this: public Filter getFilter() { return new MyCustomFilter(); } of course...

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[Android/GPS/Backcountry hiking filter] Best offline Android navigation for hiking not driving. More inside.

[Android/GPS/Backcountry hiking filter] Best offline Android navigation for hiking not driving. More inside. Not looking for apps like COpilot. Something more along the lines of mytrails or OruxMaps. It needs to have offline support because I rarely...


I'm a bit of a fan of MyTrails. Is has some 40 map sources (Google, Yahoo, MS, Ovi, OSM) from which...

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How can you filter Android Applications by size?

Is there any way you can search or filter small size android apps e.g. less than 1MB or 2MB on any of android app stores? I have a low end android phone with less memory and installation space. Light weight apps/games are mostly faster and I can install...


I assume you do not want to search for something like "Apps that are less than 2 MB". Instead...

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Is there a FREE android app that i can filter out silence from an audio file? ?

I'm looking for free app for my optimus android that I can take an audio file (say an mp3 song) and filter out the silence? I used to have a computer program that I used to be able to digital digital sound and with the program I would filter out all...


You can get ANY app for free from the Android Market!! Go to and click...

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[android app filter] Can you recommend an app that will let me bookmark places to visit later?

Is there an app that will tag bars and restaurants that haven't yet visited, but intent to? I'm looking for an android app that will let me search and tag places. I work in South Seattle and live in Tacoma and love to find new places to eat/drink. I...


Yelp lets you bookmark establishments, which is how I mark things that I want to try. You can then see...

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Is it possible to block or filter websites on an android phone?

I would like to make it so that my android can't view inappropriate websites. Is this possible?

Answer: Try this from the android market place. It has parental...

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Android:"Thread exiting due uncaught exception"-Not showing activity?

When i run the app the first activity page is fine and then when i press on the button the app gets force closed, when i debug the app i get the error above in the title. Heres my code for activity 1: package; import


research this kinda thing: method(parameter param) throws Exception if its not a built in possible exception...

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Android-style predictive text for physical keyboards

Can I somehow harness Android-style predictive text for my actual, hardware QWERTY keyboard? The predictive text functionality in Android 2.3 "Gingerbread," running on my touchscreen phone, is remarkably useful. Apparently, the technology comes...


Some support USB keyboards If you could find one now, maybe you could type on that and email the text...

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android hotspot filtering and blocking

I want to be able to treat my android wifi hotspot like a router and moderate the content that I can access through it. Is there something like a hosts file I can use? I want to block distracting websites. I go through periods of obsessively reading...


I'm using Android 2.3.5, so things might be different for you, but adding websites to the android HOSTS...

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What's the difference between listview and table layout?

In Android Development page I found that listview is a viewgroup that lists items and table is also a viewgroup that lists views. It seems that they're all forming a "List-like" things?


A ListView is a collection of layouts that are automatically displayed one below the other. The developer...

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