How to calculate max/min scales on a scatter plot?

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How to calculate max/min scales on a scatter plot

I have 3 log scatter plots that I want to establish smooth maximum and minimum lines. What is the usual mathematical method to do that? (Image and Excel file links below.) The black lines on the scatter plot images are hand drawn. The third scatter plot is especially tricky and not amenable to a moving average plus stddev because of the data clumping. Note: This is time series data so new data constantly comes in. In other words, I cannot just use the whole data population in one shot. Any ideas...


I don't know that there is a usual method to do this. If the data came all at once, I'd recommend quantile...

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What is the best graph to illustrate ranges in a data series?

I have several different data series. Let's call them A, B and C. For each series, I have 100 values. I'd like to chart these so that the viewer can see the min, median and max for each series and how they compare with each other. (Ideally, they'd be...


I like the box-and-whisker like Marielle Winarto said. But if you want more detail (e.g. fluctuations...

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Visual Basic 2010- How to make arrays calculate min, max, and average?

Option Explicit On Option Strict On Module MinMax Sub Main() ' Declare a named constant for array size here Const MAX_NUMS As Integer = 10 ' Declare array here Dim numbers() As Integer = {33, 12, -6, 1001, 57, -1, 999, 365, 921, 724} 'Dim num1 As Integer...


I honestly have no idea what you were trying to do with the commented code, but isn't what you need...

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Finding max and min

I have a problem I need help with. I have a row of numbers on the top row. i.e. 15 20 25 40 50 80 100 150 200 250 300 400 450 500 600 750. I would like to fill up the min and max column with numbers such that for the 3rd row, min will be 50 and max...


Sorry I don't quite understand your question. "I have a row of numbers on the top row. i.e. 1...

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What's wrong with my code for the Min, Max and Average in C++?

: Min-max Write a program that takes numbers from the user until they type "0". Using conditional statements, track theminimum value, the maximum value and calculate the average. You may only use the following variables for this program - no...


int main() { int n= 0,m; int x = 0; double total= 0, average; float min= 100; float max=0; do { cout...

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Is a linear model appropriate for the scatter plot?

The given plot is a residual plot for a scatter plot. Is a linear model appropriate for the scatter plot? Why or why not? Yes, the points are scattered. Yes, there are no outliers. No, the plot contains outliers. No...


No, there is an obvious pattern in the plot.--> Non-linear pattern

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Anybody know how to have Excel scatter plot data points display labels pulled from a third series?

I work in higher education enrollment and need to create a scatter plot that pulls label data from a column that the scatter coordinates are not based on. Here are the details: I have a student information spreadsheet with columns for name, GPA, ACT...


Hi. This method takes a bit of time, but is simple to do. Add your data labels. Now, click a single...

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Algebra - is the Max and Min features of a TI-83 accurate local min and maxes?

I'm taking college algebra, our instructor tells us that we won't learn how to calculate the local min and local max of polynomial functions because it requires calculus (limits ect), but the TI-83 has a feature that can calculate the local max and local...


Both. The calculator works by approximating the location of those maxes and mins - if they turn out...

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Which weather station device can track min/max values for individual days?

i am looking for a weather station device to track outdoor temperature and humidity. the features i want: support at least 2 remote sensors, temperature, humidity and the min/max values for at least the past 3 days for each sensor (e.g. yesterday's min...


Oregon Scientific makes a good one:… You can look at...

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How can I create a scatter plot in Excel with custom markers using a single data series?

I have a single data series of x values and y values that I need to plot on a scatter chart. I need to add a regression line and get the rsquare value. This is easy. Within this series there are sub-groupings that I want to distinguish. Therefore, some...


If your data is in Columns A and B with the countries in Column A and the data for that country in Column...

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