How to file my small business name?

Let’s learn how to file my small business name. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Register Your Business Online |

Easy online tools to register and start a business in Maryland, register a trade name in Maryland ... *For business filing types ... Maryland Small Business ...

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How to file tax return for a non-income business trade name?

Failure to file a Personal Property Return in the state of Maryland. I just registered a trade name in October 2009, and has not yet transacted business under the trade name till now. What do i do to file a return as there is no income made or whatsoever...


if you registered a business, you stil have to fill out business tax returns - they will be looking...

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you should always think ahead... starting off with a small office cleaning business is good but i dont...

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In the state of California how much does it cost to file for a "doing business as" and register a company name?

county of riverside, for a small on line business selling accessories, graphic tees...


Here is a link where you can calculate your fees and file for your dba.

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Yes I think so I've seen some business managers do that. Using there last name is a way of sort of showing...

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Should we file 2 separate business name?

I work in computer and my wife works in cosmetic. We both want to operate our own business where I do computing consulting while she sell cosmetics and eventually open her own salon. Should we file 2 separate business license for these or 1 should general...


You might check with the city where you live. In my town, the city issues the business license and it...

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You need to contact the place you filed it with and correct it.

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I have to 2 cars financed in my name for my dad's business but I don't file any taxes?

I work (part time whenever I have free time from college) for my dad in his business and I don't file any taxes, I have 2 cars financed in my name but the payment comes from the more


Dennis, your post is horrifying. 1. You NEVER allow a relative to put an asset in your name, let alone...

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File fictitious business name in CA?

I have a full-time job in CA. I have the opportunity to do additional consulting work for other companies. What would be the advantages/disadvantages of filing a fictitious business name and getting payments through it, or being paid directly in my name...


No difference. The tax implications are the same. Even if you operate under fictitious name you may...

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