How to find a good inbound call center in India?

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How to find a good inbound call center in India?

We have an ecommerce company and we are looking for customer service support, order taking and email support. We are very concerned about the quality of service and want to hire the more


Maag has put up the following question four hour before and now he has answered to your question. I...

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I want to hire a call center in bangalore to market our products in uae and india how do i go about finding1?

We want a well trained professional telesales team to do the cold calling and pass on the leads both in india and uae to us, hence we are looking at a cheaper option to find a call center in india/bangalore.. can some one advice?


Rethink it! Telemarketers can do you as much harm as good. Yeah they get your product in the minds of...

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How can I find a company that will move me to india?

Do you know of any way I can find a job with a company that will relocate me to India? I want to move there but 1. I don't have the money for that type of move. I could probably get the ticket but I wouldn't have the money to house/feed myself. Which...


yes... call centers could definitely hire you, though they may require you to have a basic qualification...

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Call Center Jobs for me?

Hai, I m currently working in abraod as Service Desk Operator.I m interested to join a call center in India. Can anyone help me to know how to apply for the CSR job or how to find it more


Don't just settle for any call center - Try and find an opportunity with an reputed organisation. Work...

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Call centers in India?

I am fed up of calling what I thin is my local Abbey national bank, then find out I am diverted to India, I recently had someone try to get £1500 from my account, and whilst the lad was very nice, his grasp to speak the english language was very...


You are by no means alone. Many UK companies are bringing back their call centres as they have found...

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What are the best call centers in India?

I’d like to find some reports with Top call centers in India when it comes to size of the call centers, and/or some quality ratings to find the right call center for our company. I prefer call centers from Bangalore area. Thank you in advance for...

Answer: is a really good site,i work on it everyday to gather data. It will help you also,not...

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What's a good and cheap call center?

We need people who will call a local business and find out stuff like - current product inventory - current opening hours - current crowd etc. Doesn't matter where the call center is located at. However, the business that have to be called are all located...


Cheaper doesn't mean you will save money. In outsourcing, it is very important that your choice of call...

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Why should Call center agents have to be so bad in India?

This is in reference to my answer for this question Umashankar Das' answer to Why is there so much hatred towards Flipkart? . I had actually mentioned, there, that customer service in India is notoriously bad. There are many instances that one faces...


As a customer to a few products, I understand your agony. This could be because, in our country, once...

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I have the full expertise in setting up a call center in India? But dont have the clients who want to invest?

From Where do I get the clients who want to start a call center business in India, I can fully support the technology involved in a call center. Thanx


i am intersted in yr propsal can u mail me details

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You can visit this site it has lots of great information on free calls

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