How to forward emails from an old to a new email address?

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How can I forward email from an old account to my new ...

How can I forward email from an old account to my new ... enter your new Gmail address to forward ... email forwarding to get new messages from old GMail ...

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How can I forward a bunch of old emails to a new email address all at the same time using yahoo email?

I have about 35 emails that I need to forward to a new email account, but how do I forward them all at the same time, because it takes too long to forward them all one by one?


Unfortunately, Yahoo does not have such an option at this time. The emails will have to be sent one...

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I have just set up an new yahoo email address and want to forward emails from my old yahoo address to my new?

I will tell important people of the change but want to make sure I capture all, also is it easy to copy email history over and contacts and how do I close the old email address?


Use the third party "True Switch" to handle the transfer of your mails/address book etc etc...

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How do I transfer my emails and/or contacts from my old yahoo email address to my new email address??

I was chatting to a customer service rep, Earl, 2 days ago and he sent me a link to transfer my contacts/emails from my old email to my new email but i can no longer access the link nor can I find the "LIVE" customer service chat button to...


Go to click on addressbook then click on import/export

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Email forwarding generically refers to the operation of re-sending an email message delivered to one...

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Im changing my email address. how can i forward my present emails i wish to save to my new account.?

can i keep 2 emails even thogh im canceling my at&t dsl account as i switched to time warner roadrunner?


email them to your new addy

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An email contact changed email address. I added new, deleted old email. Now I enter initial, both emails show?

The contacts list does not show the old email address anywhere but when I write an email and enter his first name initial, the old and new email address appears. How can I delete the old email address?


I have this same question. When I begin typing in an email address, two addresses appear for my contact...

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My old email address is being used by someone else to send emails to my old contacts. How can I stop this?

After more than a year of non-use, my old email address is now being used to send strange emails to everyone on my old contact list. I recently got a new yahoo address, and now my old one is being used, with my name attached. I have not sent these emails...


did you give your old email and password to anybody? if you did you could try to delete the account...

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How do I change my yahoo email address and still have access to my old emails?

Lots of people have asked about changing their email addresses and the answer is always "you can't change it, just get a new one." I don't want a new one. My yahoo email is tied to my blackberry -- if I start using a new email address with...


You can't change your ID. You may get an Extra Mail Address. It's not a separate Yahoo! ID or a separate...

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