How to get 'name' attribute of item of string-array?

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how to get 'name' attribute of item of string-array

Hi I build a quiz application. I have the following (values/)question.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <resources> <string-array name="question"> <item name="correct">A</item> <item name="wrong">B</item> <item name="wrong">C</item> <item name="wrong">D</item> </string-array> </resources> I would like to have a question with four possible...


You need to use Handler to parse the xml. to get attribute value, code is : attributes.getValue("...

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Why does the "data-name" attribute in the Quora follow button fail W3C validation?

For the record, I am validating with transitional XHTML Line 107, Column 50: there is no attribute "data-name"…="quora-follow-button dark" data-name="Alex-K-Chen">Follow <a href="http://www… â...


As far as I know, data-* attributes are only valid in HTML5. As you are using XHTML, the data-name attribute...

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Accessing a parent attribute in XML with PHP - sample code porovided

I am having a heck of a time getting at a attribute of a parent in my XML from PHP. here is a sample of the XML: ************************************* SAMPLE XML CODE START ************************************* <results first="1" last...


Hello pcormie-ga Thank-you for your question. I have been able to troubleshoot your question for you...

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How do I return an item from an arbitrary dictionary object in Python?

I have a list of about 20 objects that are dictionary, and their attributes are all the same. I want the user to enter an object and return a specific item from its dictionary. I keep getting an error that says "'str' object has no attribute 'get...


MonsterA = raw_input("Enter monster name: ")  A string you enter at the prompt will be assigned...

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Effective way to get restaurant to change the name of a menu item.

What is the most effective way to get a new locally owned restaurant to change the name of an item on their menu? [item name possibly NSFW so will be inside] Description of item from menu - "SWEET POONTANG BBQ: This is our mildest sauce. Sweet poontang...


I'm with the folks advising a short, polite message to the owner. I see he has responded to critical...

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Paid for an item on ebay but item hasn't been shipped, how do i report this seller or get my item?

i paid for it like a week ago, but this seller is not replying my messages, i don't even know if my item has been shipped, shipping hasn't been report on ebay, i have no tracking number, and i'm thinking that maybe this seller took my money and doesn...


VERY bad seller, I'm surprised they are still even on ebay and haven't been thrown off. ALWAYS read...

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How do i know i'll get paid for an item i sold on amazon?

listed an item on amazon and it has been confirmed by amazon that someone is buying that item. my next instructions were to ship the item out to the buyer's address and press confirm shipment on amazon's seller central. my only skepticism is - how will...


Answers to all these questions are on Amazon's seller pages - just have a look at those (it'll reassure...

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How to get this domain name?

I'm looking for advice on procuring a specific domain name. (I know this is a popular topic in Ask, so apologies if it's been covered and I've missed it. I've searched through previous questions and can't find what I'm looking for.) I want the .com corresponding...


Have you done a whois look up? If they don't have a privacy service, that will give you the contact...

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How did you get your name?(:?

how did you get your name? like how did your mom come up with it? my mom got my name because it short and simple.. she said she didnt want me to have a long name like hers. she didn't know what to give me as middle name, so grandma said it should be...


My mom just really liked my name (Lauren Elizabeth). BQ: Overall it's cute, but I dislike the spelling...

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How do u get the hearts around ur profile name ???

How do u get hearts around ur profile name ??? Example : ♥M&M's♥ How do u get those hearts around the name the only reason i could even show u the example is because i cut and pasted the name so yeh .... But anywy my question is how...


Put & h e a r t s ; Without the spaces. :] And you can find how to put the musical notes, along...

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