How to make my monitor vertical instead of horizontal?

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my screen is horizontal instead of vertical? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: If it is Windows XP, try holding Ctrl-Alt and pressing the arrow keys one at a time. It is possible to completely rotate the monitor using the ...

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How to make my main monitor Number 1 instead of two?

I accidentally made my crappy CRT monitor Number 1. I have a 24" LCD I want as my number 1. It is set to my main monitor, But it still says it's number two, and I can't switch it. Whenever I open a game, it goes directly to Number 1, Which I don...


I'm not sure how your Video card process dual monitors, but in my setup I have a Dual Monitor wizard...

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How can I make the displays on my monitor fill the screen instead of having big borders?

The whole displays whether picture or text has a border and won't fill my pc screen.


Right Click Desktop > Personalize > Display Settings > Raise Resolution That's for Vista though...

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Does anyone here know how to make my laptop monitor the primary monitor rather than the secondary?

I use a monitor plugged into my laptop as dual screen, with different applications on each monitor. Usually my laptop is primary, which is important as when I work from home it will display on my laptop without an external monitor plugged in. However...


Would help to know your system. In Windows, I go to display settings, right-click the monitor I want...

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How to Make Windows 7 Ignore a Monitor?

I have 3 monitors: my laptop, an external monitor and my TV. Basically I want to be able to put my laptop away in a corner somewhere and use the other two monitors all the time. However when I am watching my TV rather than using it as a monitor I wish...


use the BIOS

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How do I make my monitor working again?

My monitor broke When I start my computer, it starts the proccesor, but not the monitor, it just stay's black, the proccesor is okay, It's the monitor that bugs me. How do I fix it, or what do I do so it will work, the monitor, because it's black. How...


Hello - Ok, when you power on both the computer and the monitor, the monitor stays black (power light...

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How do I make my second monitor the main monitor?

I bought a new monitor today. I connect the new one to my laptop. But what I'm planning to do is since my laptop screen is not that big I want to make my new monitor be the main monitor. Like I can see all my icons and all on the new one. I have vista...


Connect the external monitor to the laptop. Install the monitor software. Right click on the desktop...

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How do I make my monitor the main screen while attached to my netbook?

Hello Friends, I have my Netbook attached to my Samsung monitor to view things in a larger portion. While attached to the monitor, I want to make my Samsung monitor the main screen, however, my current set-up has is as if the screen extends to one another...


Go into Windows display options and disable the Extend My Display option. You may need to restart the...

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Just bought a new monitor, how do I make it my primary monitor?

I was using a laptop, but now I want the primary screen to be my monitor. I tried going into settings and checkmarked the "extend your monitor" box and the "use as primary screen" box, but when I do that my monitor just goes blank...


Do you mean u bought a Monitor to be your laptops screen if so then make sure it is hooked up correctly...

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How to make my second monitor stay left?

ok i've got a second monitor only i use it as my tv too, so it stays left of my main monitor. When on display settings i change it so it's on the left so i can drag things to the left and it'll go left, instead of dragging it right to go on the left...


in your display settings make sure it shows monitor 2 on the left. if not, click and drag it to the...

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