How to translate a complete web page?

Let’s learn how to translate a complete web page. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Server Fault.

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Translate web page from shell

I'm trying to do translate a web page automatically with a shell script. Here is the interesting part: wget I'm getting the "ERROR 403: Forbidden" even though I can get the translation when using this URL in browser. Could someone explain what's going on? Why google forbids the "translator" usage from shell script? Do they monitor user agent or they have another way to tell if you are a browser or...


Yes, they check the user agent. Add the -U option to wget, like this: wget -U "Mozilla/5.0"...

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What is the best way to translate a web page using Python/Django?

Let's say I have a web page, and I want to translate it to another language. One way to do it would be parse the DOM, and find out which strings need to be translated (like the title), use something like the Google Translate API, and show the result...


See I googled up and found 2 links : 1. BengaliLanguage - Python Wiki 2. How to create a translator...

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Need to Translate a Web page from Polish to English?

I am in need of translating a web page from Polish to English. Not just a word or sentence but the whole web page. I can find for other languages but not Polish. Can anyone help me?


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I think that Google chrome would have that feature. If you decide to download it, heres the link for...

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Perhaps there isn't Oo Well I use Google What Do you think Fire Fox Moo's?

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Answer: Under the search bar theres a thing that says babel fish translation.

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How do you translate a web page that is in a foriegn language?

trying to read japanese yahoo auctions but cant understand. isee some cool stuff but dont understand anything.


Probably one of the best translations sites ever! and its even has japanesse- or you can just google...

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type language translator into google. You will find something there.

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There is an English version of the game now called Digimon Battle.

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