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I need help finding a certain video on youtube?

i was watching a video on youtube not long ago and now i can't find it. it had 3 dancers on stage and it was a gir and two boys they started off dancing to everytime the beat drop and then another little boy came out and started dancing and the song changed it was a great video and i really wanna watch it so HEEEEELP!!!!!!


You can find the video on RealPissed dot com , just sign up and click on videos, you can only view certain...

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I need help finding a video that I think is on youtube, however I dont know what its called.. help please.?

I saw this video , or short film, quite awhile ago on youtube I think. Its too complicated to describe briefly and type it in on Google or the search on youtube so I need some help finding it. Basically, it has techno music playing in the background...


search what you think its called because of the tags on the video it might help i dont know though.

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Need Help Finding A Video On YouTube?

This might be a crazy question but I need some help finding an original song on Youtube. I watched this video more then a year ago and I know the video is in black and white. I remember the video being titled "tea" and the person having short...


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Need help finding a program for PC for Youtube video`s?

I need help finding a program for PC that would enable me to record multiple videos (in this case being multiple instrumental parts of a song) and sync all the audio and video into one movie like this for example:


There is no such online program available in store or online, so you can't make multiple videos... Just...

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I need help finding video clips on youtube for these movies please help!?

I need help finding clips of the possession scenes and exorcism scenes from the movies the Exorcist and the Exorcism of Emily Rose. I'm having trouble finding real clips from the movies.


The Exorcist...… Take Care good Luck

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Need help finding youtube video tribute to couple's deceased son?

There is this truly compelling video of a couple and their son on youtube. It starts out showing how perfectly normal he is and then it slowly goes downhill from there, where it ends with him losing all mobility and finally dying. I remember finding...


It would help if you could give the approximate age of the child when he died. I found this one, but...

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I need help finding this video on YouTube of a man swimming without water?

This man just goes out on the street and pretends he's swimming in a pool. At one point he tells a random man to time him and pretends to hold his breath (the video ends with him popping back up and asking how long be lasted.) I think he may have also...


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I need help finding a video on youtube please?

The type of video I need is: I need a polar bear ON an iceberg/glacier and it's drifting away from the ice/habitat and the iceberg/glacier is on top of water. I couldn't find any and need it for a project help please! Thanks!


type in Polar bear - victim of climate change

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Need help finding a youtube video...?

For our film class we made a video called The Killing Joke. It has about seven kids in it. The video was posted on youtube but I can't find it. Help please!


Ask the person who posted it , to send you a link.......

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Need help finding a youtube video!!!!!!!!! plz click?

a few days ago i saw the video of the live feed for the BP oil spill on youtube. now i cant find it. could someone post a link if u can find it. i really want to see the progress. if u could help that would be awesome!!!!!! p.s. make sure its the live...


If the live feed were still available on Youtube, it should be easy to find from the Youtube main page...

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