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What typical cool stuff shud my parents get from amsterdam(not pot,alcohol,etc) but Dutch choc's,cool tees,etc?

I'm a college student(male). I wud like dem to bring me sum typical stuff...something for which Amsterdam's famous for...or some exclusive stuff(not d illegal stuff) like dutch chocolates (any specific brand???) or some cool souvenirs(??) or anything...


I think that T-shirts with texts (or drawings) might be your best bet. Dutch chocolate is good, but...

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i just got a nokia n95 phone. what kinda cool stuff can i do with it?

i just got a nokia n95 phone. what kinda cool stuff can i do with it? iphone schmiphone, i'm pretty stoked about my new n95. any tips are appreciated. what non-default phone settings are cool? how can i use it as a modem for my macbook? what programs...


As a mac user make sure you pick up the apps at http://europe.nokia.com/mac. The iSync driver will let...

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Anyone been to the nintendoworld/pokemon center in nyc recently?cool?what type of pokemon stuff do they have?

i want to go to the nintendo world/pokemon center in the nyc rockefeller center this summer. but i only want to go for the pokemon portion of it. im a big fan....anyway...ive heard there actually isnt that much pokemon stuff there anymore!?!? im not...


Well, there's still quite a Pokémon section there. The whole store used to be Pokémon...

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What cool Mexican stuff can i learn on guitar?

What cool Mexican stuff can i learn on guitar? i got a classical guitar and that stuff sound beatiful on it but idk what do play, i wana play something that will make people heads turn and say that dirty mexican... ya what could i play, scales, song...


Learn The Mariachi! That's always a head turner!! Check out http://www.shigaru.com i think there's a...

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What's some cool stuff to do in Orlando?

What's some cool stuff to do in Orlando? I'm going to be there on business for a week and going to have a lot of free time and was looking for some things to do? I'm a guy in my early twenties so not looking for things like disney stuff more interested...


the best bars are at the big disney night club. it's huge / there are about 20 of the bars in different...

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What are cool bags for women to carry their stuff around in?

to carry the usual stuff: a laptop a book water bottle misc pens, paper, maybe a cardigan extra credit for a bag that is washable. This is a follow-up question to What are cool bags to use for carrying around my stuff?.


Check out: The Live Well 360 Luxx bag if you need a large bag. The Luxx has a large padded lap top compartment...

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I just got a dell PC, I was wondering what cool and must have stuff i should be putting on it.?

windows xp operating system 160gb and 512 ram. It's a empty slate just about. cleared out the aol stuff and other junk. now wanting to get some fun stuff and use items i have an antivirus, And a yahoo stuff windows messenger standard i guess, adaware...


Firefox http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/

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What kind of cool things are available in Singapore? (Especially gadgets, electronics, Computer stuff, etc...)

Friend going to Singapore next week - offeing to buy a few gifts. I don't know what is available there - what items are cheap or expensive, what Singapore is famous for. Can somebody let me know? Thanks. By the way, I LOVE gadgets, electronics, computer...


For all electronic gadgets and computer stuff, you can try Funan shopping centre (located near City...

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What licenses i need, what insurance, what name ? for selling stuff from heavy machines to medical supply?

so i want to open a company who buy and resell stuff, from machines to supplys and etc what kind of insurance i will need if I will not have any employees and what category my buisniess it will be, supplyer , provider etc..


Contact your local Small Business Development Center- SBDC - they provide free counseling to help you...

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What kinds of cool stuff should I send in my care pkg to Australia from the USA?

Hi I live in Oregon and I want to send a cool care package to my friends in Australia. What kinds of stuff do we have that you can't buy in Australia? I know Peanut Butter cups, but what else? Also, I made homemade Hucklberry jam and it's sealed in glass...


Unfortunately you can't send homemade jam, or anything else that's not commercially packaged. And you...

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