What is the difference between method and function in Scala?

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Difference between method and function in Scala

i read http://www.naildrivin5.com/scalatour/wiki_pages/ScalaFunctions. In that post he specified Methods and functions are not the same thing. But he didn't explain anything about it. can anyone explain what he was trying to say.



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Numerical Optimization: Do we need to increase the finite difference step length for gradient and hessian evaluation as the dimension of the problem increases?

I am trying to optimize a 6-D objective function using Trust region method. I am using Matlab's inbuilt function fmincon which requires me to calculate finite difference gradient and Hessian. The issue is that when I fixed three of the six parameters...


I don't think that the problem is dimensionality.  Rather your 6-d problem has a lot of noise and when...

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HELP WITH C++!! program to find roots using newtons method?

I have an assignment to write a code to find the root of f(x)=x^(2)e^(-x)-2 using newtons method, y = x - f(x)/f '(x). I have very little experience writing code, this is my first course in it and I'm finding it very confusing and frustrating, especially...


Here are the problems with your code that jump out at me: 1. The using namespace std; line should go...

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Can Objective-C categories serve the same purpose as Traits do in Scala?

The statement of the question seems little abstract to me, so please read the details below :) Since the time when C++ was the first choice Object Oriented Language for almost anything,We had a big problem of Multiple inheritance in C++ when two different...


It is not an out-of-the-box feature of Objective-C, but because you have access to low level runtime...

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C++ method for a class that works on 2 instances of that class?

This should be simple, but I just can't find the answer in books. I have a Class called Clock which stores the time. Once I have defined two Clock objects with different times in them, there is supposed to be a method in the Class which will determine...


You would need to use something called operator overloading. This is basically changing the default...

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The difference is in the way the system is modeled. State space method generates a matrix from the system...

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How do I obtain the cubic function according to my graph?

2 16,40 3 15,70 4 15,30 5 15,20 6 15,21 7 15,40 8 15,80 9 16,30 10 16,80 11 17,50 12 18,18 13 18,70 14 19,36 15 19,88 16 20,40 17 20,85 18 21,22 19 21,60 20 21,65 Based on the data I created a graph. And I already know that its a Polynomial...


Pick 4 points, say x = 2, 5, 10 and 20. Then substitute the x and y values into the general cubic equation...

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How does the difference method work?

Hi, I have used the method of differences (also called a telescoping series) to solve various maths problems before but I don't feel I understand the mechanics of it. I began looking for a more general definition of it and found this in the Mathematical...


You must have miswritten the second method. If u_n = f(n + 1) - f(n), then \displaystyle \sum_{n = ...

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Scala methods ("defs") are just like Java methods.  Scala also has function objects, which...

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Signal Processing: Is there a difference between the image kernel and point spread function when talking about deconvolution?

When you use the deconvolution method to make the blurry image sharper, you will have to estimate the point spread function. Is there a difference between this PSF and an image kernel?


Yes they are pretty much the same. Suppose your image is a 16x16 pixel matrix. Not necessary for this...

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