What is the very best memory stick for the old PSP and the new PSP Slim?

Let’s learn what is the very best memory stick for the old PSP and the new PSP Slim. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What memory stick should i get for my psp?

wich memory stick works better with my psp? im thinking about buying a better memory stick for my psp and i was able to find 2 memory sticks that i could actually afford witch cost the same but im just wondering wether or not its compatible with my psp and wich i should get: SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro duo or Silicon Power Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB i know the silicon powered one has more space but im not even sure if it works with my psp 1004 series or im guessing that the SanDisk one is the same...


if it is Pro dou, it should work with your psp. Always got with the more space, however i would definitely...

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What is the best 8GB psp memory stick pro duo for the psp??

I bought a sony 8gb psp memory stick duo on ebay, and found out later on that it was not original sony, and after using it for less than a month, the games started lagging, and the load time for the xmb started going up!!! Now i am trying to find out...


Sandisk are the best I have a 4gb one it never lags at all i had my psp with this memory card for about...

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When i get the new slim psp will my memory stick Be all Corrupted in the new one?

Will i loose all my data on it when i put the memory stick onto the new slim psp so maybe on the safe side i input all the data on my comp? and then put it on after...?


no.... if it was going to be, nobody would buy it

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There's no compatibility difference between memory stick duo's for old psp's and new slim PSP's. It...

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learn to speak proper english, and it really makes no difference memory is memory. and no one wants...

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If i put my memory stick from my old psp to a new psp, will i still be able to play the games in it?

My current psp3000 is pretty much busted and overused. I'm thinking of buying another one. The thing is...it has lots of games in it, which i downloaded from PSN, and i don't ...show more


No,the memory stick will work perfectly,but for precautions steps,copy the files (and games) to your...

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What's the best place to buy a Memory Stick Duo for PSP?

What stores sell memory stick duos and what are the prices there?


Gamestop as you can buy them used. Check their website for pricing.

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Sorry, those prices aren't online, but you can confirm them at the store: 13 New Paltz Plaza New Paltz...

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