Why can't I access Yahoo messenger?

Let’s learn why can't I access Yahoo messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Is this a new installation of Messenger? If so, are you able to get the sign in window to open, then...

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I created a new Yahoo account but still cant access Yahoo messenger! WHY?

My NEW Yahoo account only accesses my old Yahoo Messenger. How can I change over to the messenger I just installed


At the top of YM click the Messenger Menu. Choose Sign Out (not Sign Out and Close). Now you will see...

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Why cant I access Yahoo Messenger?

cant sign into yahoo messenger, even though my password is correct. I can get to my emails but not messenger


It could be several problems. Yahoo is having a lot of problems and it is affecting a lot of people...

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Why i cant access my yahoo messenger?

i try to open my ym but i cant access. there's no error appear just cant open it stop reading. and i tried to reinstall it again but it will not continuing installing. what will i ...show more


if you mean you cannot login, goto preferences and change the proxy settings to no proxies

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Why cant i access my yahoo messenger after upgrading to a newer version?

after ugrading my messenger, i could even sign in. it will just close and do nothing. so i tried to access it again, but still got no response.


I think those Yamsters are chewing on the wiring, again. This is what I get > Yahoo! Messenger has...

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Why i cant access my yahoo mail and messenger id? ?

I can not accessing my yahoo mail and messenger id last three days . When i login the error message "connection closed by remote server " "this url currently not available" or "server hangup " generated. Any one help me...


Are you trying to connect to a proxy server? Try to sign in again. When Messenger is trying to sign...

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I cant access to my yahoo messenger?

My password is correct, my yahoo ID is correct but I cant open my messenger ! I can access to other yahoo applications like mail and yahoo asnwers ( as I am inside of it) and I can also access to my yahoo messenger in my I phone 4. And I can also access...


I also have this problem. And a lot of other people, I hope it will get fixed soon.

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I cant access yahoo messenger on my c3 any more so i would like to kno what could cause me not to access yahoo?

i used to used yahoo messenger on my c3 and now i cant access it when i try to access messenger on my c3 it says could not connect to network. check your phone's connection settings and try again.(code-2). Nothing is wrong with my phone as i can access...


check the version compatibility of the messenger to your phone.

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It may be a temporary problem with the servers. Or your connection setting might have gotten changed...

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I have faced new problem for yahoo messenger i cant access yahoo messenger from my computer...?

when i was installed new update version message was messenger encountered a connection problem, please check network the connection and then plz check try again ( 81003004 )


Sounds like an installation problem You do not need to adjust firewall settings with this technique...

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