Why won't AIM let me get a screen name?

Let’s learn why won't AIM let me get a screen name. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by answers.yahoo.com.

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Why wont aim let me get a screen name? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: Try deleting your cookies. Try restarting your computer. Make sure you are using Internet explorer 5 or later. If aim still does not work ...


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AIM screen name wont let me get one!?

HELLLO....................................um...Whenever i try to make a new sn it WONT let MEH!ATT all and i use differnt sn's but still.....!It says it is temporaily unavailable ...show more


If it says temporarily unavailble....then its temporarily unavailable.

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Its won't let me get a new screen name & aim 6.0?

Okay, Im trying to make a new screen for aim. but at the end it says "thanks u for makeing a new screen name but we are unavilable of this sever we are nt able to make this ...show more


Well, I have had one of those problems... actually. Here is some of my advice: 1. If it won't let you...

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wow dat happend to me too jus keep trying its rly crappy i no

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How do I use/show "@" or "." symbols in my aim screen name?

So I just started talking to this person and their aim screen name is "SuchandSuch@yahoo.com". I don't get it. Aim doesn't let you use symbols when you create screen names on their websites. Am I missing something?


You can use your email. Like your ACTUAL email. I used to with my AIM before I got a new one.

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Is it possible to make a screen name with a $ ?

im creating a new screen name and i wanted to add a $ sign but im not sure if aim will let me do it. is there any way to get it ?


Do it - I am sure you can use symbols -

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If i cant access my old AIM screen name, is is possible to get all my buddies off of it somehow?

my old AIM screen name doesnt work anymore for some reason? but i cant access it to get my old screen names. is there anyway possible to get them back to put onto my new screen name?


just send a im to them saying u got a new name and would like ya to add ..

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I posed as someone else on AIM with a fake screen name can i get introuble?

i was talking to this girl that i have dated for almost 2 years we broke up and i was posing as the guy was recently talking to. Posing as him i asked for pictures and she sent me 2 (booty shorts, bra) that was it. i changed all the passwords to the...


You will get upt 25 years in prison. if she sues you can go for up to 30 with bail

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Can I get AOL with my CURRENT AIM SCREEN NAME?? If that's possible...someone please help. I would really appreciate it!!


well....AIM is controlled by AOL. So my guess would be that you already have that screen name in an...

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Won't let me log into my AIM screen name?

When I press "Sign In" on my AIM window, it says "connection timed out" and it doesnt let me log in. what does this mean and how can i get it fixed so i can log in?


Try restarting your computer. type in your user name and pass word again.

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