Can you prevent another app from opening within your app?

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FB.login, prevent launching new window, navigate in current window

I'm using this in a mobile app and it would actually be a better user experience if the user navigated away from the app in the same window and then were redirected back. We have the login page redirection back to our app working, but what is the best way to prevent a opening a new window when they click login? This is the method provided by the facebook lib in yummy coffeescript - FF.login = (a, b) -> if FB._oauth throw new Error("OAuth2 specification states that 'perms' " + "...


Actually i dont know fbscript,but i will explain the stuff in simple javascript.Let us assume that ...

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When I click on an email link from my iPhone, and the link points to a website that is also a mobile app, and I have the mobile app installed already, why do I get a mobile web page that says "We have an app! Download it here!" instead of just opening the app?

Some apps handle this very well (good work,, but every time I click on a link from Bleacher Report or some other sites (in some cases even sites that link to Google Maps), they don't seem to be able to discern that I have the app installed,...


Because the code sucks and doesn't determine ...

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Is Apple trying to use backhanded excuses in order to prevent my app from being available on the app store?

I submitted my app to the app store over 3 weeks ago and after a lot of waiting and back and forth, Apple insists that in order to be approved, I would have to add a feature that is entirely unfeasible for the type of app this is. It's a person-to-person...


When I submitted my first app, Apple initially blocked it. They asked me to add features which I didn...

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8GB iPod touch 4th G. How do I keep mandatory YouTube app from closing web page videos and opening in app?

This is stupid. I'm tired of this damn YouTube app closing web page YouTube videos and opening them in this app. How do I stop it? There are no YouTube app options in settings, just in notification settings. There HAS TO BE a way.


I just google YouTube through safari and then search for my video through the website, it dosent effect...

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The live wallpapers app by spark so is not opening in App Store saying its not available in US stores ! what should i do i need the app!

live wallpapers tm by spark so shows on internet available in the app store then it says your request cant be completed item not available in us stores ! not possible everyone had the app PLEASEEE HELLPPP!!!


update your phone

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You can put target=_blank in the anchor tag if it's on the web. <a href="page you are linking...

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How can I prevent a custom app URL redirecting to the App Store from the web?

I want to send users to a mobiles app from my site if possible, but if they don't have the app installed, I'd prefer them to be sent to to a web address instead. How can I do this?


You might be looking for "Custom URL Schemes". It allows to you create URL schemes that you...

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Mac app not opening

MacFilter. One of my applications won't open from finder. I am running OSX. I installed an app last night (Stellarium) that is a memory hog, but was running fine. When I tried to open it again, the icon expanded like it usually does when you open an...


Based on the console info, if you go to your home folder/Library/Preferences folder you should find...

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Why is my Photo app on Windows 8.1 not opening?

Ever since today my Photo app is opened for less than a second and closes. When in the app section all it say is: "Photos error", Nothing else. Every app works but this. I more


Select the app and de-install it. Go to Windows Update and make sure everything is up to date. Reboot...

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How does the new Apple Store app prevent people from shoplifting?

I'm talking about the new EasyPay feature in this app - that lets you buy small items quickly by scanning the barcode and completing your transaction right in the app.


I don't think it really changes anything at all. If you've ever been into an Apple Store you'll probably...

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