How Do You Buy A Domain Name Outright?

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How do you buy back a domain name?

I would like to know more about the behind the scenes of having a web-site. I am comfortable using web-desing software and designing static web-sites. I am helping a small non-profit reestablish their website. The domain name is owned by the company that previously hosted the website. I would like to buy the name but use another company to host. How do I do this? I guess I don't really understand the who how and why of purchasing/owning a domain name.


You cannot purchace a domain that is owned by another person. You have to negotiate with that person...

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How do I buy a domain name outright?

I don't want to lease or rent a domain name, I want to buy it outright and it is not registered to anyone. Thank You!


You can't permanently buy a domain name. "Buying a domain name" just means that you pay to...

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How much should I buy a domain name for?

I recently ran across a domain name, for sale, that I' m interested in buy. I contacted the seller(not the actual owner) asking if there was a rough asking price for the website. Their reply said that the domain in question was a very valuable site,...


Value of a domain name depends on the keywords in the domain and the age of the domain. If the domain...

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If the domain name(s) are taken, how do i approach the owner(s) of the domains that I want to buy from them?

Hello I have just registerd a company and I found out from that the domain name(s) I want are already registered by other people. I also typed in the URL and the message that came out was: This is the placeholder for domain xxxxxxxxx...


Use a "whois" program to find out who the registrant contact is and try to contact them on...

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How can I buy or domain name?

At present there is some parked page on this domain names without any information to contact the owner. How can I buy this domain name. I am looking for a domain name with focus on "India" and "Home".


According to whois belongs to Administrative Contact:    Marchex Sales, Inc    Brendhan...

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How should I respond if someone wants to buy my domain name?

A marketing company wants to buy a domain name that I registered last year because they have a client that wants the name and have plans for it. I also have plans for this domain more


demand double what you paid for it since they now wasted your idea plans and not to mention your time...

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How do you buy a domain name and set up a website?

Hi, I would like to buy a domain name and set up a personal website. I would also like to have a email address with the domain name. Could someone take me through the more


Dear, Take a look at this site it might help you Good Luck

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The value of a domain is defined solely by its perceived value to the buyer. If you wanted to buy an...

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How can I buy a "parked" domain name for a reasonable price?

I recently inquired into buying a domain name (the name of my startup) that was not being used, and the owner quoted an exorbitant price ($25,000), claimed he had already invested into the so-called brand equity. What are some strategies to gain that...


In reference to Grzegorz comment, clearly some of them aren't that bright. I offered what I thought...

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