How can we protect a domain name and trademark internationally?

Let’s learn how can we protect a domain name and trademark internationally. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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How do  I protect my .org domain name without a trademark?

I have a .Org domain name with a site for the past 6 years, the owner of the .Com recently sent a letter stating that they want the domain name transferred to them since they have a servicemark in India ( I live in the U.S and the .com owner is based...


The type of correspondence from the owner would typically come from an attorney with a copy of the mark...

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Protect domain name with trademark - HOW TO ?

A lot of different information available on internet. But can anyone point me to correct one. My situation is : I have several domain names with same WORD. in .com, .net, .org zones and e.t.c. I want to protect them for sure. AND PLEASE IF YOU DONT KNOW...


Buy all the domains with that name. That is the only way to be sure. You can only use a Trade Mark if...

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Do I need to trademark my university student organization's name?

I'm attempting to start a student club at my university but was wondering if I need to trademark the name to protect it on the very rare off chance someone may see the name and want to legally file it for themselves? It's very unlikely, but I would hate...


Trademark will help you get the position in law when someone duplicate it, but it should be noted here...

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Legitimate reason(s) to accept / decline offer for domain name (trademark risks)?

A few months ago I was contacted by a domain registrar company that has an anonymous client interested in a domain I own. The negotiations bewteen me and the registrar have been on going for nearly 3 months. The initial offer started in the hundreds...


Hi, it's difficult to answer without more specific info so I'll stick to answering your last paragraph...

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Registering a trademark and using the ICANN Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy to acquire an already registered domain name?

Could one register a trademark and use the ICANN Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy to acquire an already registered domain name? In this question the use of the name "SpeedNet" is for the purposes of the example. For instance, if...


Unlikely, as you're essentially trying to steal a domain name from someone else who has a legitimate...

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If a reputed online company registers a trademark in India with the name Sell Abc & a domain name, then is it against the trademark laws if a startup in a similar business registers a trademark SellMyAbc & a domain name

The company which filed the trademark for "Sell Abc" operates with a very different name, say and for them "Sell Abc" is just a marketing slogan by which they're trying to tell people that people can they can use their "...


Yes that will amount to infringement of trademark of prior owner. Simply by adding 'my' your mark cannot...

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If the domain name is taken, can I still trademark the name?

Hello, Perhaps you can help me. I want to brand my retail store and trademark a specific name, but the name is being used as a domain name. The other person's dot com website is under construction; it has the same name but a different logo. It is unclear...


You can try. The Patent Office is so far behind, and its current personnel so inexperienced, that they...

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copyright/trademark infringement - domain name

I am about to open an e-commerce web site that sells Jeep parts. If you do a search in google for "jeep parts" you will find hundreds of web sites that have the word "jeep" within their domain name ( Is it legal to...


Hello hal12b-ga Generally speaking the act of registration is not an infringement if the name is generic...

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trademark vs. my domain name

I think a company is trying to do an end-around to get my domain name, what can I do about it? I have a domain name that another company wants. They used to have a different name, but now they've registered the trademark. A few years ago I started to...


I am not a lawyer, but I had a similar experience, and here's what I learned. First, DO NOT contact...

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Domain name trademark infringement court case cost for £mm brand?

Hello there, I hope someone out there is knowledgeable enough to give me a fairly accurate answer on this important query I have. I own several domain names that are the direct .com extension of registered trademarks I do not own. For example, if the...


"how much money would it cost a multi million pound brand to pursue a domain name trademark infringement...

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