How can I ask my mom if I can have a boyfriend?

Let’s learn how can I ask my mom if I can have a boyfriend. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I ask my mom to let me have a boyfriend?

I'm 12 and I like this boy and I need my moms permission to ask him out -_- but please help me!! :( how do I ask her?? 10 points best answer


hmm, it's worth a shot! Say something along the lines of 'I know I'm young and you probably think I...

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How do i ask my step-mom if my boyfriend can take me too my mom?

see me and my boyfriend are going to mom but first i have to ask my step-mom becausee i live with and her my dad my mom is find with my boyfriend going and satay there but how do i ask mystep-momm if i can go please help thanks


Please re-phrase the question:) I cant really read it..

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How to ask my mom if my boyfriend can come on the trip?

Hi, This weekend my family (mom, brother and sister) are going to San Antonio. I'm going to miss my boyfriend super super bad because we'd planned to go out this weekend because we only get to see each other on the weekends. He's 17 and I'm 15, My mom...


i can understand how you feel about a person you love very much but you have to understand that even...

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How do I ask my mom if I can have a boyfriend?

My mom dose not like any boys in my school I did not either until I got back to scool after winter break I could not help but feel something crunching my stomach when I saw him or talked to him i had my first crush I told my mom i tell her everything...


Go tell your mom privately not when everyone's around. (Private as in you 2 not as in you 2 in a supply...

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How should I ask my mom if my boyfriend can come over?

I'm 15 years old and I'm just wondering how I should ask her I've never had a guy over before and she doesn't even know about him and I'm nervous about asking


Tell her that you're as wet as an otter's pocket and want to be savaged by your boyfriends mighty log...

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i am 15 and i want to go on a trip with my boyfriend's family to Florida and i want to ask my mom if i can go. But...

there are some things that make asking her very difficult. And no its not that there is a problematic age difference. But we met online, we live in different states i am in Tennessee and he's in Ohio. The next thing is my mom found out that i had done...


Are you stupid?

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How do i ask mom about boyfriend moving in?

Okay, Well me and my mom have known my boyfriend ever sense i was about 4 years old. Long story short, he comes from a VERY troubled family (always getting hit, cussed out, brothers are known drug dealers, and do alot of stupid stuff. He recently got...


I don't think that's a good idea. Trying to convince your Mom to allow a convict? You may want to get...

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I need to ask my mom if my boyfriend and I can live together?

I'm going to be starting my third year of college this upcoming fall and my boyfriend of 2 and a half years doesn't have a reliable roommate, and if he can't find one by this upcoming fall he's going to have to move in with his parents in ANOTHER COUNTRY...


yeah, i think it would be cool to give them a heads up , seeming your paying the bills , this will help...

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How to ask my mom to take me to see my boyfriend 4 hours away?

Well me and my boyfriend have had a long distance for 2 years and I really miss him. My mom used to take me to see him but not anymore because we broke up for awhile but we got back more


Yeah helping pay for sure will help. Let her know how you feel towards him and that he's the one. Pick...

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