How can I hear and talk on my skype?

Let’s learn how can I hear and talk on my skype. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i get my headset workin? when i try to talk on skype to other person can hear me but i cant hear them?

i have a new heat set and would like to communicate with other people on instant messangers (aol,skype, yahoo messanger) but when i make a call the recipient hears me well but i am unable to hear them. i think i connected it correctly but there is a...


make sure everything is plugged in and try the setting or bring it into a store.

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How can I listen to music and talk to a friend on skype but not have them hear the music?

I have tried searching for some sort of noise cancelling software, does anyone know any software that would do this? Or is it even possible? I welcome any sort of help. :)


You could look into a directional speaker. They're new to the market and it doesn't disperse the sound...

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heres a link to help, i just had this problem a few minutes ago and this guide helped a lot https:/...

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When I talk with someone by Skype and listen to music on my computer,they can hear it...?

Just barely,but they can hear it. (I have my earphones on the whole time,so the person doesn't hear it from my speakers). How can I turn this off? I don't recall having this problem with my old earphones,help will be appreciated.


You just turn the audio off on your player.

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What do you need so you can hear people talk on skype?

What equipment do you need ? do you need a microphine ? if so , where can i get a mic ? i only want to talk (not on chat , but buy calling them) I have a desktop computer .


you need a webcam...they usually have a microphone installed in them already. you can find it at a best...

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My headphones with mic works on skype but not on yahoo ? I can hear peoples voices but cannot talk ?

I have tried every concotion to try and fix and Im at wits end !!


Does hitting the "talk" button on messenger help?

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If you're using the iPod touch 2G, you need to buy a special microphone adapter.

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People cant hear when i talk on internet(skype)?

I try to talk using skype but i can hear what people say but people cant hear me.pls any one can give me the sollution.i tried with diffrent headphone but it still does not work.


make sure your audio (mic) is setup first in skype. You can use an automated setup feature even

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My friend hear a lot of noise of my mic when i talk to him on skype.?

I bought my pc 3 months ago, it was working fine. Few days ago, my friend told me that a lot of noise comes from my mic when i call him on skype. So i tried 3 different mics but my friend still observed noise. So now what is the solution of my problem...


Could be skype that is *******, your/friends internet connection, the sound card cud be fkd, the motherboard...

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When you use Skype it is free to use your webcam and video chat with friends. But you have to pay to...

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