How can I install node.js module using phantom, instead of npm?

Let’s learn how can I install node.js module using phantom, instead of npm. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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How to install a node.js module without using npm?

There are quite a few modules which are listed on node's github page but are not published with the npm-registry. These modules can't be installed using npm. What is the correct way to install these nodejs modules after cloning them from Git?


You need to download their source from the github. Find the main file and then include it in your main...

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How do I install this NPM module for use in a HTA?

I have never installed an npm item before and have no clue how to. Here is the one i want to install. insin/hta-localstorage


You can use browserify to use the npm modules in the browser.

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(New Machine) I installed node@0.10.12 on my PC(64bit) and then when I input 'npm install express -g', I got 'Error: Write EIO'. How to solve it ? Thank you for some advice or suggestions.

npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http GET Page on Npmjs npm http...


I have just been playing with Unicode support in Windows command prompt, using the code-page 65001 I...

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Why is it difficult for me to install Samba on my machine?

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 and this is the error I get after running "sudo apt-get install samba4", I get: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Suggested packages: phpldapadmin samba-gtk swat...


I do not spot the exact version issue here, but... "Ignoring unknown parameter" Errors all...

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What are the caveats for using nodejs for huge systems like ecommerce, which expects to get about a million page-views per month?

I read stuff about nodejs and how it's different from traditional way of processing requests. What are the limitations of it using in a huge-scale systems like e-commerce , which expects to make huge transactions, on an average. Is anybody using nodejs...


The most important thing to know about Node is why it's different from other platforms. Node's strength...

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I'm using Windows7., when i was trying to install software, it doesnot install?

i tried using to install a software but it doesnot even starts its installation.......when i checked its compatibility mode it says it is compatible to windows XP.... Now i wanted to install that software in Windows7 it is very urgent for use!!!! pls...


Try running the installation .exe "as administrator" by right clicking the file. if this doesn...

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How do I install a disk image using Boot Camp?

Can I convert/install a VMWare Fusion image onto a Boot Camp partition? Or alternatively, can I copy/install a drive image onto a Boot Camp partition? I have a VMWare Fusion-based virtual machine with Windows XP installed in it. I would like to set up...


It looks like it ought to. It basically has you boot into your VM, image the drive, then install/mirror...

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I would like to "Manually" install a program with the cmd?

My program, example.exe, is having some trouble when I install it normally. It is actually a module for labview and when I install it, there should be smaller labview programs placed in a specific directory. Unfortunately this is not happening. It has...


I would say that you can't do that go for the program... Sorry about that... Good luck!

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What would get you interested in using a NodeJS blog engine?

I'm currently writing a lightweight NodeJS CMS/blogware called CouchPress ( I'm wondering what about such a piece of software (features, design etc.) would make you interested in actually switching from your normal blog...


Here's some features that would help: Simple installation and usage, good performance Easy configuration...

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How to install ubuntu 11.10 with windows 7 without using WUBI or by using the partitioning method?

I am trying to install UBUNTU 11.10 in my laptop. it has got three partitions 234/310 (C) for w7 and 13.6 (D) for recovery and E 248/272...but i cannot install ubuntu using partition method as i am a bit confused and afraid of the datas getting earesed...


If you want to install Ubuntu inside the Windows OS partition then you MUST install it using the WUBI...

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