How can I strengthen my natural speaking voice?

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How can I strengthen my speaking voice?

I am 16 years old and sound like a 5 year old... literally!! It is embarrassing when i have to do public speaking at school. Is it possible to strengthen my voice? :)


If you wanna weaken your speaking voice take'll give you a nice high voice....that's...

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Changing your voice when speaking?

How many of you change your voice when speaking? how often do people do it? I'm 16 and my voice sounds fine to me, but when i hear it over mic or video it sounds kind of "whiney" or lazy, like im half tired and not putting much emotion into...


Everyone sounds ridiculous to themselves when we hear our own voices. That's a natural reaction. But...

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Husky Speaking Voice & Smooth Singing Voice?

It's really interesting how some singers seem to have such a husky/raspy/hoarse voice when they simply talk, yet at the same time have such a nice, smooth, open and strong singing voice. For example Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Smokey Robinson, Luther...


Maybe their voices are just tired from the singing.. o-o

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Can I strengthen my voice?

Are there DIY methods to strengthening my speaking voice? I can't really afford a vocal coach/vocal lessons, but I am interested in strengthening my speaking voice. I tend to get hoarse after a day of consistent talking, and my voice is not one that...


If you can find a reliable natural echo source in your environs, speaking to the echo is, as has been...

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How to strengthen quality of head/soprano voice?

My chest voice has become very strong over the past year or so, and I only want it to keep improving. However, I'm now having problems with my head voice (though it never was extremely strong to begin with). I feel as if it is being restricted or overpowered...


Is it possible you could be overworking in your chest voice? If you press too much in one area of the...

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Device that helps develop public speaking voice

I saw a show on the History channel that showed an inventor who had developed an electronic device that hepled people get over their stuttering by listening to an electronicly modified version of their voice as they speak. He also developed a version...


Currently, there are several electronic devices that alter the auditory feedback that persons who stutter...

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If you "train" your speaking voice to be higher, would your singing voice be higher too?

I was just wondering, if you changed worked to change your speaking voice to be higher (like, really changed it, so that it would be like that naturally all the time), would your singing voice eventually get higher pitched? Same thing if you changed...


Singing and speaking aren't the same thing. I have a very low speaking voice for a biological female...

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Would you rather have a deep speaking voice, or a normal singing voice?

So, I'm a guy and I have a real deep voice. And I like it, other people like it and it's great. Except that if I try to sing anything I have to sing it an octave or two lower than what the original singer sings it in. And I feel that songs don't sound...


I would honestly rather have a deep speaking voice, though I must admit, I sing bass, so having a deep...

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I'm am 16 year old girl - will my singing voice strengthen as I get older?

I love to sing, but I'm into heavy rock music and when I really go for it my voice wavers. My voice can't get as loud or powerful as I'd like, although I sound alright doing lighter stuff. Can I train my voice to improve in this sphere, and will my voice...


your voice will get stronger as long as you practice. if you went to music lessons to strengthen your...

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How do you strengthen your voice?

I have a very soft spoken voice, and really nasal, like Ne-Yo's, but I can't sing as well as he does. How can I strengthen my voice? And does having a soft spoken voice mean I can't have a powerful singing voice?



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