How do I clear my pop up blocker?

Let’s learn how do I clear my pop up blocker. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I clear the pop up blocker thing?

ok so i have 46 or somthin like that blocked pop ups but how do i clear the list so i dont have any??? any help!!! thanks!


go to view Manu click view>toolbar>uncheck your unnecessary button

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Pop-ups getting around my pop-up blocker and causing problems. How do I get rid of them?

For the past month, I been having these random pop ups (while my pop-up blocker is on). The annoying ones are when i try to click google links. I'll click a link and i get redirected to these annoying and problably virus filled websites. But it's most...


Your computer has been infected with the re-direct google is the removal instructions...

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How do i get pop-up blocker?

i have yahoo, but i don't have the pop-up blocker. how do i get the pop-up blocker?? i get to many pop-ups, every time i am working on the computer pop-up after pop-up comes up.


get the new internet explorer 7 from It comes with phishing filter, and pop-up blocker...

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I am unable to play a Pogo game due to a Pop-up blocker. How do I disable the blocker?

I am attempting to play Qwerty on Pogo. The game is a two player game like Scrabble. When I click "play", the message I get is that I have a Pop-up blocker. In order to play I need to disable the pop-up blocker. How do I do this?


Should be on your toolbar--Google,it's left of where it says how many blocked.....Yahoo,it's a thing...

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How to remove pop up blocker?

How do i remove a pop up blocker from the yahoo toolbar. I looked all over my homepage for a pop up blocker icon , which someone told me is a blue/ yellow color , but there isnt one there. How can i remove this pop up blocker. thanks


Edit your toolbar apps click the green/gear tool at the right end of your Y! toolbar. Get the drop down...

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I have the Yahoo pop up blocker at the highest setting but still get pop ups. How do I stop the pop ups?

I'm very frustrated with the Yahoo pop up blocker. Is there another portal that is better with pop up blocking?


You can download a program called POW that every time you get a pop up, click on POW and add that pop...

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I cannot find the pop up blocker icon on my toolbar,how do I show pop up blocker?

I cannot find the pop up blocker icon on my toolbar


The Pop-up Blocker is built-in and on by default in all modern browsers. For Internet Explorer click...

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Pencil>Toolbar Options> check box for Popup Blocker. If that doesn't work then Pencil>Personal...

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How can I 're-install' my yahoo pop-up blocker after it has been disabled and deleted by a virus?

Suddenly, you notice that your getting pop-up's over and again..and in trying to add them to your list in your yaahoo pop-up blocker you see that they have over-riden and deleted your yahoo pop-up blocker..How can this be repaired and replaced? They...


get rid of that antivirus and download the AVG antivirus program for free. it'll kill the virus on your...

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How can I stop pop up ads from appearing even though my pop up blocker is ON?

I have double checked the pop up blocker as being ON, but this one proliferator has been able to get through to my web site with "full screen" ads that are actually interfering with my business. I use this web site for business, as a REALTOR...


Make sure you don't have spyware. Download Ad-Aware

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