How do I put the pop up blocker on my toolbar list?

Let’s learn how do I put the pop up blocker on my toolbar list. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Click toolbar settings (avatar) select add/edit buttons..The buttons are in this section. When you see...

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Does the most recent version of Yahoo Toolbar have a pop-up blocker?

My current pop-up blocker that comes preloaded on IE is acting weird. I've currently got it set on the strictest of settings (used to be on the middle setting) and it's turned on but it's allowing an unusually high amount of pop-ups to get through. Some...


Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1961.0 28 February 2010 Make sure you have a current level of Security...

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I added yahoo toolbar today and i added pop up blocker to it and it wont come up in toolbar. Where is it?

i clicked on the add button and added pop up blocker but it isnt putting it in my toolbar for some reason. It put everything else in it I added though. Please someone help me


Use IE pop-up blocker.

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There's no Pop-Up blocker on my Yahoo toolbar. I added it through the settings but it's still not there. Help

I clicked Settings and then the Add/Edit Buttons thing and then it had a list of buttons, one of which was the Pop-up blocker thing. I clicked on it hit Add Button then hit Save Changes, but it was exactly the same...I didn't see that it said optional...


Some people have reported glitches with adding buttons. I haven't had any problems since upgrading first...

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I cannot find the Pop up blocker on my toolbar anymore since it just vanished, I've tried refresh etc.?

Tried looking for it in toolbar apps page, it's not there no-more. Can anyone suggest how to put it back on my yahoo toolbar, I'm using IE9 & it just vanished without any notification after months of flawless use?


all these people telling you to uninstall and re install are wrong and changing setting in your browser...

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Try to add pop-up blocker to my Yahoo toolbar but can't (no buttons) in Add button list.?

I go to "Settings", Add/Edit buttons, but no buttons appear in either box. I refreshed the screen multiple times but nothing appears.


When your in add/edit buttons,click on button gallery it's in there.

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It is there on new Yahoo toolbar. Click at Settings- Add/Edit Buttons-add the button.

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Problems with Yahoo Toolbar and Personalizing My Yahoo?

I downloaded the Yahoo Toolbar and then went to add Pop Up Blocker. In the list to the right it shows that I have Pop Up Blocker on my Toolbar but, when I click onto my toolbar it is not there. At MyYahoo I have gone to the Personal Assistant and tried...


I only answer one question at a time. LOL. Several people have reported problems with the pop-up blocker...

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Where is my correct yahoo toolbar I downloaded ?

In the Add and Remove Programs List , It says I have the Yahoo Toolbar , And It also says that I have The Norton Spyware Scan Toolbar provided by Yahoo. The only one showing up is the regular yahoo toolbar with pop-up blocker. Please Help Me. I really...


you can download from yahoo both of them with one package

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I like the use of toolbars and I also like having 2 browsers one is explorer and the other is Firefox?

I have all the toolbars I want on expire and I have had a lot of difficulty getting the same tool bars one both browsers. For some reason I have no idea of why, But I was Finlay allowed to put yahoo and google toolbars on FIREFOX, but I cant get msn...


Unfortunately the latest version of the Microsoft toolbar called Windows Live toolbar (part of Windows...

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