How do I register a Сar Сlub name for my state?

Let’s learn how do I register a Сar Сlub name for my state. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Register a Car Club Name | eHow

How to Register a Car Club Name. Do you love your car? Many other people love their cars, too. ... you may want to register your club's name.

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CA State to AR State Title transfer. While Stationed in SC?

I am selling my California plated car to a friend of mine here in South Carolina. We are both stationed here and are exempt from having to register vehicles to South Carolina. He is from Arkansas and would like to get Arkansas plates. I am just really...


Quite simple. You sign the title over to the buyer. The buyer will need to register and title the vehicle...

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How can I sell my Ar-15 legally in Kentucky?

My friend wants to buy my Bushmaster AR-15 but my uncle told me it was illegal without going to register it under my friends name first. I bought it at my local pawn shop back in February so it's registered to me and now I'm needing the money for truck...


It's a long gun, providing you and your friend are both over 18 you can sell it to him outright. Just...

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Do you need the title to your car if you want to register it in another state? (It's already in my name)?

I moved to california, but I left the car title at my old house. I only have the old registration. (The car is registered in another state under my name). Do I need the title to register it in California?


You can register your vehicle using your most current Registration Card. This is what is called a "...

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Cant register car because car is registered under another persons name in same state HELP!!?

hello i live in nj and just purchased a car from a man that lives in ny and the titles under his name i stuck it in the air and see the statue of liberty through it and everything the vin numbers match the car and i tried to register the car and they...


Go to the DMV and get the papers for a duplicate title. Fill them out except for the signature. Mail...

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Can I register a business name in NY State before the business is incorporated?

Say I plan to do business as "Acme Widgets" but don't plan on incorporating the new business for a while. Assuming the name is not already in use in NY, can I register a DBA in order to (effectively) reserve the name for my future use? Or is...


First, check name availability here: $20 for reservation of LLC...

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Why is it that when you register for most websites, you can't just type in the name of your state? ...?

You can type everything else in, but when it comes to the state, you have to scroll down through that box and then hit enter when you get to your state. What is the purpose of this?


the reason the state is scrollable is because there are a finite number of states and it helps with...

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How do i register a vehicle in another state? Do i register it in the state i am in first?

My aunt and uncle are giving me thier 2008 kia. We currently live in Texas and ill be moving to california in two weeks. The car is under thier name and I'm on thier insurance plan with AAA. Should I register the vehicle in my name in while on the state...


Simply wait til you are a legal resident of Ca.

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How "bad" would it be to not register your car in your new state immediately?

I recently moved to a different state, been working, insurance is in the new state, however car is still registered to old state. However, to register the car, it will take at least 2 months and $200 to register in the new state. My registration is up...


they will fine you a LOT of money

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Who determines who can own the name of small business with the same name in the same state.?

I own a small business with a unique name for the past two years. I was contacted by someone claiming that she has owned the same business name for the past ten years. She has claimed that we are now operating under the same business name. Now she has...


The entity that used the name for business purposes FIRST has the rights to use it.

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