How to change icons on Macbook?

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Changing the folder icons on your MacBook is a unique way to customize the way your computer looks....

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Help! I need help with my new macbook!?

Hello, So, I got a Macbook today. And you know how on all of the macbooks, the desktop icons are on the bottom of the screen?? I don't like that, aha So I was wondering how you change them to so that the icons are in columns like on other computers?


If you are talking about the dock, open System Preferences (under the apple icon in the upper left hand...

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My Fn buttons in my Macbook Pro dont work anymore?

Ever since my computer restarted its been acting strange. I have a windows 7 in my macbook pro. The icons in the bottom disappeared but I managed to get them back. But now my Fn button which i pressed to change brightness and volume dont work anymore...


You say "Fn buttons" plural, but their is only one fn button. It's at the lower left corner...

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Macbook Pro display doesn't fit screen.?

I'm not sure what I did but one morning I woke up and the display on my macbook pro is larger than my screen is. When I move my arrow around I can reach the areas not shown but it is very annoying. It's not my resolution, I already tried that and changing...


Quit everything that is running, except Finder, by using the Force Quit utility - press cmd+opt+escape...

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Does My Macbook Pro Have a Virus?

Ive looked around for a bit online and can not find a solution to my problem. My macbook pro is slowly dying. It started off with my whole top row of keys (letters like Q-P) They just stopped working and then over the next few days when i would change...


Take it into your nearest Apple store. Apple are extremely good at fixing any problems your device may...

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Macbook desktop icons disappeared!?

my laptop was fine until, one day, I turned it on to find no icons but the hard-drive on my desktop. as in icons i mean pictures that i dragged from google, documents, everything. But, when i click on where my icons are supposed to be, they pop up, but...


Create a new folder on the desktop and move all your icons into that folder. Restart your computer and...

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How to change icons on windows7.?

Okay i just got the theme in this video.… and the theme is great i love ti but i need red or black colored icons! How do i change all of my icons to be BLACK or RED! please help i need black or red icons...


Right click on the icon on the SuperBar, and right-click on the program that the icon is set to (it...

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My icons are all windows explorer icons. How do I change them back without effecting other users ?

I tried to open a document and Microsoft Word 07 said it couldn't open it. So I let it open it in wordpad. I then realized all my icons were wordpad icons. When I tried to make google chrome work, by letting the system open it with Internet Explorer...


Hold "Shift" and Right click on the document... Now choose "Open With" Then click...

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They should NEVER change to lnk file under good condition. Your computer should have got a virus. First...

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I can't change my desktop icons.?

I got Windows 7 first. I'd went to one of the shortcut Icons and right click it. Then went to it properties. Where it say general, shortcut, security, details, previous versions. I'd click shortcut. Then I'd went to where it said change icon, and click...


make sure the account you are using is the primary administrative account. it won't let you perform...

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