How to check if a web page loads?

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Simple program or script to check load time of web page

I'm looking for a simple program or script, you give it a URL and it does the following: checks whether it can open a connection to that URL and reports how long the response time is checks how long it takes to the load the page and reports this number reports some error code or other number when a site is unresponsive exits after it either: fails to connect, loads the page successfully, or after a predetermined number of seconds specified by the user My purpose is to integrate this functionality...


You can do what you want with a combination of the time and wget commands - e.g.: time wget -q http...

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Does anyone know of a Firefox extension or Linux app that allows you to check or uncheck all checkboxes on a web page?

Firefox (un)check all extension: Does anyone know if there exists a firefox extension or linux app that allows you to check or uncheck all checkboxes on a given web page? {mi} I use a ticket tracker system with lots of legitimate tickets and lots of...


Hey, here's a "toggle all checkboxes" bookmarklet [link goes to page, not directly to bookmarklet...

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When I try to check my mail on yahoo, I click the mail button and the page loads up blank?

When I try to check my mail on yahoo, I click the mail button and the page loads up blank... I have logged out and tried several times. I have had this problem since this morning. No mistake message comes up just a totally blank white page.


Allow your email to fully load up before you click on anything. Wait for the loading icon in the browser...

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Please check out this web page and let me know what u think.?

My web page is only in its very initial stages of development, but just wondering what u guys think of it so far in its early stages. I am after any creative input. All ideas/suggestions will be accepted and considered. The general idea of the page is...


Good the background is pink color, as the website is meant for women you have taken good template. But...

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What's the best way to check on Mac OS X how a Web page looks in Internet Explorer running on Windows?

I've looked at some of the Firefox add-ons that attempt to render a page as IE does, but the reviews aren't very helpful, so I'm hoping to hear an opinion from a Web developer with experience on the matter.


Use vmware fusion to run IE in windows.

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My air app loads web pages significantly slower if the page URL includes an anchor (#name) link - anyone know why and how to counteract this?

So for example if I was displaying it loads fast but if I display then it might take upwards of 30-45 seconds for the content to appear.


I'm thinking it doesn't parse/index the .html when there's no trailing slash following .html - can you...

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Yahoo web page never loads on first try. Why do I always need to click the reload icon?

I'm running Windows XP. Other web pages do load on the first try. Will somene suggest a remedy?


Are you using a wireless laptop? If so, do you make sure you are connected before you try to load Yahoo...

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Does anyone know how i can see the script being called as a web page loads?

i found this page ethat has a cool effect on it and i want to know how to duplicate it on my site.


Use FireFox web browser. Then load the JsView extension. I also recommend the Web Developer, Ad Block...

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Did anyone know about a web page the give money for your car if don't pass the smog check thanks.?

i have a 1991 toyota the don't pass the smog check and i don't want to fix it please any information helps ....


where do you live? in northern illinois you call 1 800 442 junk.

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Add spell check to web page?

how to add spell check?


Here I found this I am pretty sure this is what you are talking about.. Gives...

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