How to fetch data from web page?

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use ajax to fetch data from java hashtable in jsp page

I'm working on a project that the web page will fetch the data from java hashtable object in jsp page. I'm using a jsp for gerenated the web page based on HTML. The data is stored in the java hasbtable object on the server. I want to try to make an AJAX call to fetch the data from the server, then display it in the jsp page. I just want to know if this is possible to do that by make an AJAX call to access the java hashtable object, then fetch the data back to the client side. Thanks Here is the...


Yes, it's possible, but you will need to have some server-side code to deal wit the request for the...

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I don't understand the question, but I think the answer is no.

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Web scrapping of paginated data on web page(c#?

I have been given an interesting problem at work. We scrape the Dept. of Labor & Industries website to get information on contractors, which in turn is then used to populate some fields in our web portal for our insurance agents. Recently, they have...


I would start by installing Firebug in Firefox and using its NET panel to look at exactly what is being...

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Which option is responsible for a browser to show all kinds of designs, articles or data on a web page?

Answer the most appropriate option with explanation: a) <html></html> tag of that web page or, b) <body><body> tag of that web page



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For my web application, if I want to make sure the user data is not harmful, which approach is generally preferred:  should I encode all the data saved in the database, html encode everything from the database that I show on the page or both?

I heard people saying that once you sanitize your data to prevent sql injection, you should save it into the database as is and only deal with escaping it when you present it to the user.  How valid is this statement?


To prevent SQL injection, properly escape data that you include in SQL statements, ideally using a prepared...

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How to create connection in between web page and oracle data base?

with regarding my official duty I was given a task to find out the ways to create connection in between web page and oracle data base

Answer: can help

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How to transfer data from a Web Page to another one?

Hi. I need some help, I want to transfer the input data from a Web Page to another one, I'm working in ASP using Visual Basic language. I guess I need to use Post and Get method, but I don't know how to do it. Can anybody help me, please? I really apreciate...


Is this page inside the same application? If so, you can use Server.Transfer and the request querystring...

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Microsoft Access Data Access Page, qeury, and web browser... how do I use the 3 together??

How do I get a query (I have a macro that will run it) to display in the microsoft web browser (activex control) that I have on my data access page? I want my users to be able to click on a command button (which will run the query), and see the information...


You really need to writ the entire thing using ASP. The data can still exist within Microsoft Access...

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Need help displaying data from 3 mysql tables in one web page?

I need the data from 3 tables to be display on a web page.


Are the 3 tables all related to each other? Do you have primary key/foreign key relationships set up...

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Do I need to use Web api CRUD when I want to fetch json data on  other website?

I have a latest news website on my homepage and it will be changed once there is a new item on my news table on my sql database, When my admin side do CRUD on the news table is it okay if i just CRUD on the Entity framework or do I need to use Web Api...


You should be fine by doing it using Entity Framework directly and modifying the table, actually there...

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