How to check if table exists in MySql db?

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MySQL Trigger check if value exists in table of another DB

I need to create a trigger that before insert will check if the username that's trying to be added, already exists (case sensitive) in the table of another database (same mysql server). This is what I have so far: CREATE TRIGGER trig_user_insert BEFORE INSERT ON users FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF ( ) THEN SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = 'Error message'; END IF; END So, how can I make that only if it exists in the table of the other database then insert the row. and is there any better way...



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Please help me connecting to mysql database using php.?

Hi guys, I have designed a very simple guestbook using a mysql database and php to link to my website but am having problems getting it going. Am fairly new to this kind of programming so I am sure its something simple ..... Basically ..... I have a...


The code should work (I believe) so perhaps you have the wrong name of the database? I would suggest...

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Bi-Directional Synchronization of database changes in mySQL and Access

How can I implement bi-directional synchronized table changes in a mySQL database and Microsoft Access? I have webhosting with Dreamhost which has PHP and mySQL. I've created a mySQL test DB, installed mySQL Administrator locally and created the mySQL...


mic stand, unless you plan to keep one copy of your DB in mySQL and another in Access, you don't need...

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MySQL: #1064 when adding more than 1 constraint on foreign keys?

I've checked it out for 4 times and didn't find any syntax error. Asking for help here and thx!!!! and my MySQL version is 5.5 (for better format, go here: error message is: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax...


I see two FK references to the user table ALTER TABLE `user_op`  ADD CONSTRAINT `fk_op_user_id` FOREIGN...

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How can I drop a table whose name is "logs/#sql-ib203"?

DROP TABLE logs/#sql-ib203 does not work due to '/': Error Code: 1064. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '/#sql-ib203' at line 1 The table logs/#sql-ib...


You can quote object identifiers with `backticks`, however "logs/" is the directory for the...

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MySQL Multi-table Database Design Help - EASY!

Hello, So my problem is that my instructor for a Db Design/Management course I'm doing via a correspondence course bascially said my Db for my final project is sh!t, and that I need multiple tables and relationships; currently the Db is just one big...


Hello, thanksmate: At first instance, database normalization seems very difficult, but once you catch...

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Perl script to display MySQL query results on webpage

Pasted below is my Perl script to generate a data entry form on a webpage, process the data when Submit is clicked, and insert the data into my MySQL database. Now, I'm trying to do the opposite, and display query results from same database to a webpage...


Hello omniscientbeing, Since I don't have the ability to test this on your server, please ask for further...

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Checking table existence with dynamic query?

the usual is >> if exists (select * from db.dbo.sysobjects WHERE name ='tableName') >>begin >>drop.. >>end in this case, the table I want to check and drop is created using dynamic sql, so we dont know the eaxct name (can vary...


use a table variable or a temp table to load the information about the table names or ensure the table...

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How can I update a MySql table based on another using PHP?

Using the 'product_id' in Table A, I would like to check if a product exists in Table B. If the product does exist, I want to replace the 'product_price' in Table B with the one from Table A. I am currently using a 'while' loop in PHP, checking each...


For one I think your '$oldPrice = mysql_num_rows' line is going to cause you issues. You aren't counting...

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Using PHP to find MySQL databases...?

I want "username" to be stored into a variable and then check if the MySQL database exists with that name..I am making a site and whenever someone registers, a new DATABASE, not Table, DATABASE is created. I DONT want them to press submit but...


You'll probably have to use AJAX to do what you're describing. AJAX is a technique in which you use...

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