How To Check Whether An Email Exists?

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how to check if email address exists. validation

I can't seem to work out how to check if an email exists in my database. Currently users use their email address to login to my site with a password but currently a user can register more than once with the same email address which is cause big issues on my site. Have done some research but can't seem to work it out. Can anybody help me? <?php if(isset($_POST['add'])) { $dbhost = 'localhost'; $dbuser = 'user'; $dbpass = 'pass'; $db = "db"; $conn = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser,...


You could make the email column have the unique constraint - then the query would fail when attempting...

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How can I check if an email ( exists or not? without sending any mail?

I wana check an email adress. but I don't wana send any email or msg @ that ID... is there any other way to check if that email adress exists or not?


Just send an email to yourself I do that somtimes to test that the email is working. Just put your own...

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Peep Mail is particularly good

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Yes-it will just come back saying 'undeliverable' or something like that. It's happened to me

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Send an email to it-----if the Mailer Daemon doesn't bounce it back to you---it exists.

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If I change my myspace email address, will i have to check email for password?

see, the email i use to sign in with myspace/the email i used to sign up with no longer exists as i stopped logging in it over a year ago, but ive been using that email to login to myspace.. anywho, i was wondering, will they ask me to check THAT email...


you will have to have the email you signed up with if you do not have that email you will have to make...

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HELP???someone else is receiving MY email HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? HOW CAN I FIX IT?

my friend answered my email and it got sent to a mutual (EX-FRIEND)aquaintences email account. My address was in the address bar and nothing else how can this happen? I used this persons(ex-friends) computer to check my email a long time ago(6-7months...


contact yahoo, you are being hacked. change the password as to something very hard for them to guess...

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Why does is my email deleting messages before they even show up in my inbox.?

ive been trying to get a new password for my account on a different site, and the site says its sending the message, but when i check my email its not there. its not even in the spam folder and i have the spam folder set to only empty once per week....


Sometimes the simplest of fixes work wonders such as type the F5 key to refresh the page clears up a...

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Is there a way to send an email link from my IPhone (mail link to this page) to Evernote, so that Evernote processes (reads) the whole page instead of just the link to that page?

Right now, interesting articles I want to keep in Evernote are sent to a temporary email account, then when I want to get all the page data (not just the link) I have to open my browser, check my email, open, open the link (if it still exists), then...


I wrote a bookmarklet to do exactly this some time ago. It's currently on revision 2. Take a look at...

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Received email from Quad Cruises lottery saying i had won. scam or what?

I thought i would check the company out maybe they had a website i could browse. Well it took me to this site where i found someone else received one. So i replied to the email and said i needed to verify the company exists with the local authorities...


ya all answers r correct, now select my answer as best coz i confirmed it ... LOL

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